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Filipino tooth-paste brand turns Silver
Earl D.C. Bracamonte

“People see things as they are and dream of things
that never were and ask why . . .
-John F. Kennedy

Carrying the theme “Giving Hope, Sharing Hapee Smiles,” Filipino-owned oral and personal care products manufacturer Lamoiyan Corp. bared recently several activities in line with the celebration of its 25th year anniversary.
“We look forward to another 25 years working together with partners and giving back to the community. The Philippines is bullish these days, moving faster than any other country in the region. Last year, we experienced a 7.1 per cent growth next to China. Ang galing ng Pinoy! We will be working hand-in-hand with Operation Smile, cleaning the Pinoy choppers through PDA’s dental missions, go on a reforestation campaign, and in our own factory, we have a sewerage cleaning system so we can recycle the water for our plants,” proudly beamed Dr. Cecilio Pedro, president & CEO of Lamoiyan Corp.
Projects currently in the pipeline include tie-ups with organizations like the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and Operation Smile for its nationwide dental & medical missions and cleft palate operations respectively. These activities will be conducted in key cities around the country with the support of Lamoiyan’s trade partners.
“20,000 babies are born with cleft palates yearly. Each operation costs around P20,000 and Operation Smile heals 2,000 annually. Operation Smile started in Naga some 30 years ago and they now operate from Aparri to Julu and in other territories worldwide. And with PDA, we will go on a nationwide dental mission with Lamoiyan’s distribution network.
“This event is so timely for our February missions. We will be bringing oral and dental care to people all over the archipelago. Outreach like this uplift the dental profession. We make a life with what we give. We hope that Lamoiyan comes up with 50 more programs for 50 communities in the near future,” said Dr. Corazon Flores, chairperson of PDA’s 9th Nat’l Dental Health Month.
The launch also coincided with the company’s three-day National Sales Convention that aimed to empower and strengthen a stronger business partnership with its valued distribution network. Simply dubbed “Silver,” the annual conclave served as a fitting tribute to their sales force’s substantial contributions to Lamoiyan Corp.’s continued growth.
The event also gave the trade partners a preview of the company’s goals and programs for the year, and allowed them to look back at the firm’s historic past. “We believe that celebrating our silver anniversary amid this convention is the perfect opportunity for us to show what God has done for a Christian-Filipino community in a highly competitive oral care industry. With our partners present, together we will walk the path to victory,” enthused Dr. Pedro.
Lamoiyan Corp. traces back its roots to 1988 when Dr. Pedro decided to establish a hundred per cent Filipino-owned firm that manufactures toothpastes, which was then the domain of multinationals. Its inception in March that same year saw the introduction of the first local brand, Hapee, that since then has consistently maintained world-class quality at par with its foreign counterparts.
“In 1988, Hapee was introduced to the Philippine market. It also signaled the end of Aluminum Containers Inc. when toothpaste companies decided to shift to plastic tubes. The said edifice is now a museum, but was then Lamoiyan’s factory for creating aluminum tubes for toothpaste.
“Lice infestation and toothache are two of the Top 3 reasons for student absenteeism. Twice daily brushing cuts absenteeism by half. We provide oral care and lice treatment for indigent Filipinos so in turn they become the best of what they are. This is in keeping with the adage, ‘The more you sow, the more you reap’,” intoned AVP for new business development Peter Paul Ang.
The company also stands proud as the first Filipino company that successfully penetrated the local toothpaste industry through its dental care brands like Hapee and Kutitap. To date, its portfolio of products expanded, many of which have earned the love and loyalty of consumers here and abroad. “Many thought then that my decision was unwise but Lamoiyan’s success throughout the years proved otherwise. It’s been a good 25 years hence, and we are looking forward to more years together with our trade partner in order to make a difference – all for the glory of God.”
Today, our portfolio has grown to include personal care (Lice Aliz) and household care (Dazz) together with our main oral care products (Hapee, Gumtect) and the dental lines for kids (Kutitap). Gumtect and Kutitap lead the market share in their respective categories. Lamoiyan products are exported to overseas Filipino communities in the US, Russia, Europe and the rest of Asia. Our CSR efforts are geared towards public safety, environmental protection, education and health. Lamoiyan also advocates for the education of our deaf-mute brethren. They form part of our working staff. We are a manufacturing company that cares for the community. Ours is a journey of faith and we still have a long way to go.
“From aluminum paste container manufacturer up to the present, we provide reasonable pricing. We challenge our competitors to be socially responsible like Lamoiyan. As long as there are Filipinos, Lamoiyan will find ways to take care of them,” intimated the multi-awarded business visionary.
To know more about how Lamoiyan Corp. gives hope to Filipinos and shares Hapee smiles, simply visit their Web site,


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