Woman in the mirror
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

When was the last time you looked at the mirror and talked to it with all honesty? This predicament is a tale as old as time for women everywhere; echoed by the immortal line, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”
What makes a mirror special is its appeal to your vanity. It does not just reflect your physical state but also your inner emotions; even your mental state. So simply looking at the mirror could give you an overview of how your total well-being could be – inside and out!
In view of this, comedienne Giselle Sanchez unfolds “Salaminkera,” ‘a mirror show’ that actually talks to and tells women if they have the three signs of iron deficiency. But Salaminkera is not like your doctor at all, who can overwhelm and bog you down with technical information. More than health concerns, she can also talk to you about your career, family life, and love life. After all, Salaminkera is inspired by the magic mirror of the evil queen from the timeless tale of Snow White; and provide honest answers to any question.
“Leafy green vegetables are sources of iron. But these good sources are hard to get by, unless you have an orchard of your own. Here in the Philippines, most of the veggies are fertilized. My work-life is always in a rush; with tapings and rehearsals most of the time. That’s why supplements are relevant,” intoned comedienne Giselle Sanchez, during an intimate colloquy with print & broadcast media at the Manila Peninsula.
Giselle, who in real life is Mrs. Emil Buencamino, is the proud mother of nine-year old Lia (Emilia Gisela), a Poveda pupil like her, and three-year-old Zappa; known in their family as the ‘little Giselle.” Giselle is easily remembered for being a witty stand-up comedienne who can also sing, act, and host. Her body of work spans theater to mainstream TV and cinema. Aside from her solid career in show business, she also writes for the Manila Bulletin and the online portal pep.ph.
“These days, women play multiple roles. These overlapping tasks as wife, mother and career woman can take its toll on your health; making you haggard and tired, especially if you’re breast-feeding. Women need balance doing all these juggling acts. Drained energy will leave women feeling empty and tired. Luckily, iron supplement Sangobion is there to help us,” added the comedienne, who counts Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn among her strongest influences.
Coined after the term “salamangkera” a Filipino word for magician or wizard, Salaminkera is like the best friend next door who you love for not mincing words and always saying the truth. And with her over-the-top sense of humor to boot, you can’t help but talk to her even more.
Presented as a one-act play in three parts, the last part of the show will have Salaminkera call out Sangie, the Sangobion Mom on stage to have a quick funny banter with her. In this part of the show, both will talk about how Sangie still looks as fabulous despite having several kids and even a thriving career. Sangie will mention Sangobion and extol its virtues as her secret weapon.
“In a superficial world drowned by vanity, we need the truth especially in times when we need to hear it. I’ve been married 13 years to my loving husband Emil, who I dated eight years prior to tying the knot and deciding he was my soul-mate and lifetime partner. I’ve been taking Sangobion long before this collaboration; ever since I was conceiving with my second child. Sangobion is organic! As Ferrous Gluconate, it melts in the system as against Ferrous Sulfate that stays in your body. That’s why those who drink the latter must stop ingesting it after some time. Sorbitol, a component in Sangobion, hastens the absorption of supplements that are part of your diet. What’s more, it‘s anti-constipatory,” informed Giselle, who added she does stretching, yoga and Pilates regularly to stay fit and trim.
Expect an enjoyable magic mirror ride as Salaminkera and Sangie take everyone to an inside look at the world of Filipina women. With insights coming from Giselle’s personal experiences as a woman herself, expect jokes and laughter to also contain bits of wisdom that will tickle both the funny bone and the mind.
“The material is written by four-time Palanca winner for plays, George de Jesus III. He also won in the Centennial Literary awards for full-length plays. After this play, I’ll be guesting for ten shows with the David Pomeranz concert that will tour Visayas and Mindanao in June and July,” she said in closing.
Through the all-out support of Sangobion, the organic iron supplement with vitamins and minerals, Giselle chose to collaborate with this brand because it empowers and gives women a boost in their everyday lives thru organic iron that helps combat the 3 signs of iron deficiency: looking pale, lack of focus, and feeling fatigued. With the help of Sangobion, Giselle hopes to inspire and give a boost to women everywhere thru this show so that they can always remain beautiful and successful as a mom and a wife, and still enjoy a career of their choice.
According to the World Health Organization, 42% of women in their reproductive age are suffering from iron deficiency. In other words, most could now be suffering from
iron deficiency yet remain in denial; even when all the symptoms are out in the open.
Giselle will be celebrating her birthday on May 4th. Her wish is that the family she mentors in Bida Kapamilya on the noon-time variety program ‘Showtime’ will win the grand prize. Giselle has been a celebrity mentor with the show for the third consecutive season.
A mirror will never lie to you. What you see is what you get. Thus, if you show signs of iron deficiency – pale pallor, feelings of fatigue, and lack of focus - your mirror will definitely reflect it back to you. Find out as Giselle shares the many facets and funny truths about women when “Salaminkera” unfolds on June 9 (Sunday), 5 pm at the Events Center, Lower Ground Floor, Building A of SM Megamall. The show is open to the general public.
Giselle is currently hosting the prime-time show, ‘Kara-okray’ that airs Monday nights at 7 pm over the Viva network (Channel 57 on Cignal); with replays on Tuesdays and Fridays at the same time.
For more information on Sangobion and the many benefits it brings to womenfolk, simply visit their Web site, www.sangobion.ph.


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