Watsons Brand Refresh

Celebrating value and vitality
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

There are many things we value in life. We value our family, health, relationships and ourselves. Whatever you value, Watsons values you in the same way. That’s why, with Watsons raising the ante on the many offerings that afford great value, you get more out of life. Watsons help you manage optimum health, wellness, and beauty for you and your family so you can have much more in return.
Being Asia’s No 1. pharmacy and drugstore brand, and having an international presence of over 3,200 outlets in 12 Asian and European markets, Watsons is rolling-out a refreshed brand “look and feel” and a service promise that extends the personal shopping experience for both existing and potential Watsons customers. The brand refresh invites customers to explore and experience Watsons’ extensive quality product range, carefully selected to make each one “Look Good, Feel Great” every day.
Stylist Fatima Rabago, model Mary Ann Umali and beauty titlists Shamcey Supsup and Venus Raj are some of the personalities that share what they value & how they found great value in Watsons.

The Mane Attraction
Watsons is simply equated to beauty and being beautiful – always! Because being beautiful & healthy allows us, simply, to experience life to the fullest. And being beautiful starts with having fragrant, bouncy and shiny hair; every time and all the time! Regarded as a woman’s crowning glory, her tresses creates all the difference in every dramatic entrance as well as every memorable exit.
Watsons ambassador Venus Raj will attest to the power of one’s hair. Aside from being a part of the ‘Beauty Circle of Four,’ she was initially part of the health campaign featuring her mom.
As a Pinoy value of caring for elders, children give time and effort to give back to their parents. As Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 runner-up recalls, “When we were kids my mom would do multiple jobs to support our family. And Nanay has been there for us all the time - raising us and keeping us in good health. Pipilitin nya kami to drink our vitamins and/or medicines as required - on time and after meals. Now that I am able to provide for her, I make sure she gets the best care possible especially with her maintenance medications. I value my mom’s health that’s why I want her to live a longer life and have more time with our family. Ako naman ang mag-aalaga sa kanya.”

Skin & Hair
Since being proclaimed a runner-up at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, Shamcey Supsup has become very occupied with the many facets of her new life - a beauty queen, a fast-rising architect concerned with sustainability & green design, a World Hunger Program endorser, and a loving daughter. And when the time to settle down comes, she’ll make sure she still gets to do the many initiatives she’s been supporting as well as do the things she loves, too, like pampering herself with wellness activities.
Busy as a bee, Shamcey says, “Since I became a Ms. Universe runner-up, life has never been the same. I got more than what I prayed and worked hard for. And now sabi ko sa sarili ko, no matter what I do, I would still think that there is no limit to what I can achieve. And dami ko pang gustong gawin at ma-achieve for me and my loved ones kaya I really have to take care of myself.
“I’ll be tying the knot next year so I’m more than duty-bound to take care of myself more. So I’ll look and feel much more beautiful when I walk down the aisle on my wedding day!”
Like Venus & Shamcey, you too can reach the heights you want to conquer by staying focused and staying healthy all the time. What’s more, with Watsons many value offers, an SM Advantage Card holder can enjoy the perks of more savings when purchasing featured brands & products.

Strike a Pose
As an indispensable factor to every fashion pictorial and/or themed shoots, stylists are partners to an impeccable photography work and are not just mere grooming artists. Behind every lens-man’s success is a make-over guru who transforms each and every model or subject. She is every photographer’s ally in the shaping of a well-composed frame, where concepts see fruition. Always on the go, stylists need to be in tip-top shape to dispense with their creative wizardry.
Yet stylist Fatima Rabago would instill the virtues of good and clear skin. Like a painting canvas, a blemish-free visage brings out the best in every styling work. Together with daughter Daniella, the duo testifies to the lifetime benefits of a good personal care regimen.
Ask any person at the other side of the lens; those who pose under the harsh scrutiny of a state-of-the-art camera like model Marie Ann Umali, and she’ll tell you the value of staying young, beautiful and blemish-free.
This beauty queen-turned-model has found a thousand and one possibilities with Watsons array of delicious cosmetic brands. When shopping for the latest beauty finds, she tags along close gal pal Venus Raj and together try on everything to see how each transform their look and mood.
Really, whatever you value, Watsons values you. Watsons extensive Cosmetics and Beauty product ranges are just some of the value offers that aim to make quality make-up labels within easier reach for all Filipinos. And beyond affordability, Watsons also has a strong network of well trained staff that provides free beauty consultation services as well as sound health counseling. Watsons brings you more options and practical choices so you can get much more value for your shopping spree.
Watsons has the most variety of beauty products; addressing every need and concern of its broad-based consumer market. As Asia’s largest health and beauty retailer and a member of the A.S. Watson Group, is set to deliver a totally fresh retail experience as it unveils a dynamic brand revamp in launching the More Value, More Life campaign in the Philippines.

New Store Feel & Look
The new-look, friendly and relaxed Watsons shopping experience offers convenient access to all its world-renowned brands, including more than ten brands exclusive to Watsons stores, backed up by a professional in-store advice from Watsons’ team of beauty counselors, pharmacist and specialist health advisors.
“Watsons, as a brand, stands for contemporary living,” explained Robert Sun, Watsons general manager. “We conducted extensive research with our customers and, based on their feedback, are evolving the Watsons brand to a more contemporary, attractive and engaging retail experience.
“Loyal customers said they loved Watsons because they enjoy browsing and discovering new products and new experiences. But it was very clear in our research that our existing customers expect us to exceed their expectations. We have therefore evolved the brand to express its positive attitude, in a fun and energetic way while respecting the heritage that is part of our DNA. The brand refresh projects a new vision of health and beauty retailing, and reinforces Watsons’ leading position by redefining the rules of the health, wellness and beauty retail market.”
With Watsons making you look good all the time, feeling great comes naturally! For more information, simply log-on to the Web site www.watsons.com or visit www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH.


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