Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen (GKMBQ)

A different kind of pageant
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen (GKMBQ) is the newest reality show that promises to turn ordinary-looking Filipinas into the Philippines’ next beauty titlists. As appearances are a projection of one’s self-image, so looking your best will definitely help you feel your best. Thus, GKMBQ will show how this is true by documenting the transformation of eleven ordinary women in their journey from being plain Janes unto extraordinary beauties.
“We’ve screened girls all over the country – from Quezon City, Cebu, and Isabela to go-sees in and around Metro Manila. From the 20 semi-finalists we’ve chosen, we trimmed down the list to eleven through an elimination round that involved talent presentation, Q and A, swimwear and gown competition. We zeroed in on go-getters; those who possess the potentials but aren’t there yet,” informed Charo Soriano, OIC of pageant organizer Beverly Hills 6750, in an exclusive interview.
The finalists will all be staying in a house with a format similar to the “Big Brother” show for eight weeks, in which time the audience will get to see the most realistic part (twists, melodrama, cat fights and emotions) that unfolds throughout the entire season.
While inside the house, there will be a touch of “America’s Next Top Model” where finalists deal with challenges like photo shoots, make-up and fashion challenges, as well as beauty queen ideals.
“The crop of finalists includes women who’ve gone through bad relationships, single parents, abandoned girlfriends, and those involved in a lot of domestic drama. We will help empower them so they get to be stronger for the people they love.
“The ones who show the most improvement in their personality or self-image, and have improved their attitude or outlook in life get to stay in the show. The ones that don’t measure up will be booted out. While it is true that the ‘inside counts,’ the outside also matters,” continued Charo.
The show will change the lives of these women who feel that a total physical makeover will catalyze a positive renewal in their lives. It will be an inspirational reality search, beauty make-over, and pageant all rolled into one. The episodes, which airs every Saturday morning (10:30-11:30 am) over Studio 23, will showcase the stories of the finalists, their travails, as well as the processes that they’ll undergo on their way to becoming ‘beauty queens’ in their own right. The whole season will run for eight weeks with the season-ender, on Aug 24th,  in a form of a pageant’s coronation night – a one-hour special wherein the ambiance will be much like a beauty contest, complete with the glamor set and activities that go with it.
“In every weekly episode, the finalists undergo certain challenges. For example, in the past episode “Beauty as Choice,” the girls were afforded knowledge so as to arrive at informed choices after the sessions. In the “Beauty is Fitness” challenge, the girls got to undergo boot camp with actor-athlete Andrew Wolffe,” she added.
The “make-over” will entail workshops and seminars on various developmental programs that could also entail cosmetic surgery, dermatological treatments, dental treatments, personality development and image enhancement as well as hair & fashion styling. Throughout the entire season, the finalists will have to deal with challenges such as photo shoots, commercial shots, physical exercises, emotional challenges, and mental tasks to bring out their latent potential.
“We are looking for that girl who’s not dictated by her outer face, who knows herself inside and out, and realizes she’s not perfect yet can be more than what she is now. For me, perfect beauty is more of an emotion - a feeling - something that starts from within and projects itself outward,” enthused Charo.
GKMBQ does not, however, conform to the stereotypical appearance of a person but basically sympathizes with the person’s perception of her complete persona. Moreover, the personal development and career development of the finalists will be honed, accompanied by accredited life coaching methodologies to help them set personal goals as guide towards a much better life.
Finalists are all between the required age of 18-50 years old; are of good moral character, sound mind and good physical health; are able to express themselves well; believe that each one of them can achieve more by taking steps to better themselves; and are all willing to undergo a holistic positive transformation (in body, mind, soul & spirit).
“We hope to partner with you in helping bring about women empowerment and raising the real standards of beauty in this nation – one that puts stock on the ‘inner woman’ as much as her outward manifestation and expression.  

“The lucky winner will receive P1-million worth of cash and services from John Robert Powers and Beverly Hills 6750,” declared Charo, at the close of our colloquy.


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