HJM's Japanese outlet turns a new leaf
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Take a break from your usual victuals and indulge in an all-you-can-eat weekend delight as Kitsho, Hotel Jen Manila's (HJM) Japanese restaurant, unveils its fourth year anniversary treat. Enjoy an authentic Japanese buffet spread all weekends of September during lunch and dinner hours.
Savor a wider spread of 26 a la carte items accompanied by a bunch of appetizers (mabo tofu, yakisoba, mabo nasu, sauteed vegetables, nagasaki saraudon and gyoza), seafood items (tuna/salmon teppan, shrimp/oyster/squid/white fish fry, salmon croquette, shrimp/squid tempura and shrimp with chili sauce), assorted sushi and sashimi, meat items (beef/pork teppan, tonkatsu, meat croquette, chicken katsu, pork saute with ginger, chicken teriyaki, katsuni and fried chicken), as well as a US prime beef sukiyaki station. And for private reservations for a group above 20 covers, a special buffet set-up can be arranged in any day of the week.
“Our buffet spread is available only on weekends but we would gladly set it up if more than twenty guests requested for it in advance. You have to try our salmon sushi where I covered its crispy skin with tempura batter. You'll simply taste a different texture than what you're used to. Also try our meat dish of US rib eye that we cut into thin strips then wrapped Japanese mustard inside.

Our tenderloin has fat layers in it which make them tastier. If I have the ingredients to a dish that's not in the menu, then I'll prepare it for guests who request it.
“We simply ask diners what they like and we prepare the dish(es) according to their specifications. I have a guest who comes here almost everyday since this restaurant opened. Eventually, he became my business partner.
“My father is also into the restaurant business. Eighty per cent of those who patronize his two outlets are Japanese nationals. Here in Kitso is the opposite because most of our diners are Filipinos and Chinese,” shared executive chef Masahiro Mizumoto.
Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan, executive chef Mizumoto has devoted 28 years of experience and talent in mastering the art of Japanese cuisine. Authenticity and freshness are two of his secrets in serving flavorful meals. “I go to the market every morning for fresh catch. After which, cook lunch dishes then prepare dinner recipes after an afternoon break. We are in the restaurant from 12 to 14 hours a day! We normally close on Mondays and every Christmas and New Year's Day. These are the days when we do maintenance work.
“The Embassy of Japan brings guests here frequently. If my taste isn't authentic, they won't be coming back as often. Some items take a longer time to prepare. For instance, it takes three days to prepare our braised beef. It's important to balance taste with presentation. One of our simplest plating is of our Hamachi fish dish that we simply saute in sake and soy sauce,“ added Chef Mizumoto.
Kitso is open from Tuesday all throughout the week 'til Sunday for lunch (11:30 AM to 2:30 PM) and dinner (6 PM to 10:30 PM).
Hotel Jen Manila is located along scenic sunset strip Roxas Boulevard. HJM, as a label, is one in a diverse collection of hotels in the best locations across Asia Pacific, with a unique brand of style and service delivery designed to appeal to a 'new jeneration' of travelers. The label is the brainchild of virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier and all-time lover of life, travel, and discovery.
To guests, HJM delivers quality, comfort, convenience and value with a twist. Jen cares about what really matters to guests, such as the important things done well, including comfortable rooms and honest authentic service, respect, privacy, and efficiency served without fuss or intrusion, but laden with cultural insights, interesting experiences, and fast free WI-FI everywhere always. For inquiries and advance reservations, simply call tel. no. 795-8888 and/or email food&


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