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Unveiling Asian  color trends for 2015/16
By Key Kaluh

Nippon Coatings Philippines unveiled nine colors to set the trend for 2015 and 2016 with its Trend Beyond Colors campaign. The hues were established by some of Asia's leading interior designers and architects during the Asia Pacific chromazone color forecasting workshop in Kuala Lumpur. The assemblage marked the first convergence of Asian professionals to create an Asian palette for the region. As a result, Nippon Paint pioneered the Asian color palette that it introduced in its on-going initiative.
One of the demographic concerns was that consumers are evolving beyond colors, gravitating towards textured effects to inject a sensory element to walls and interior spaces. Nine colors are spread across three inspirational themes (Just Me, Sacred Love and Revo-Evolution) representing the evolving socio-ecological consciousness sweeping across Asia today, promoting Asian sentiments as well as diversity.
“The Revo-Evolution theme features the Blue Award, a color that symbolizes our sense of hope and positivity; speaking of a different dimension and something to do in the future. As contrasted by the Old Rose palette that represents the internal search for admiration as well as respect. This is the tone that reminds us of grandma's time doing knitting or crochet, of writing letters on parchments, and of photos printed in albums,” shared Serene Pang, sales & marketing officer for international color.
The 'Just Me' theme recognizes the vivacity of the new emboldened Asian with the yellow jasmine, representing the growing free-spirited outlook of what used to be a straight-laced individual; while the Pretty Box pushes gender boundaries while espousing that the power of pink shades can be both for him and her.
On the other hand, the 'Sacred Love' theme features Persian Blue, a color inspired by the best gifts of nature; together with Dinosaur Gray which is a stance against pollution and destruction, as well as Esperina that is a touch of nature in the concrete jungle we live in these days.
“For an upscale feeling, you can opt for Espresso and Earth tones in browns, copper, or gold. You need not paint an entire house with the same color. For instance, you can paint a feature wall and then accessorize that part of the room in the same hue,” added Pang.
The other gradations to choose from include Carrothead which conveys the Asian spontaneity and positive outlook in life and the Painted Frame theme which is a loud statement of sophistication.
“We are encouraged to see consumers explore the endless possibilities of paint at our inaugural Trend Beyond Colors events. The nine color trends, together with the total coating solutions across a wide range of surfaces should inspire one to rethink the wonderful possibilities that paint has to offer. In line with our Re:Think, Re:Create mantra, we are steadfast in pushing the boundaries of paint beyond just colors and walls; revolutionizing the way paint is perceived and applied,” enthused Malaysia's group general manager Gladys Goh.

The colors featured at the Trend Beyond Colors events are available across all Nippon Paint products; providing variety over a wide range of surfaces that include ceramic tiles, wood, and metal to name a few. To find out more about Nippon Paint and Trend Beyond Colors, simply visit the company Web site,


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