Care Divas

PETA restages musical on Filipino caregivers
By Key Kaluh

Care Divas, the hit original Filipino musical, shines anew as it kicks off the Philippine Educational Theater Association's (PETA) golden year anniversary with a total of fifty shows running ' til March 19.

Hilarious and heartwarming, Care Divas is the gut-wrenching and bittersweet story of five gay overseas Filipino workers based in Israel, who work as caregivers in the mornings while transforming into glamorous drag queens at nighttime.

First premiered in 2011, the musical dominated the PHILSTAGE Gawad Buhay Awards that year by bagging seven trophies which included Outstanding Ensemble Performance, Outstanding Musical Production, Outstanding Stage Direction (Maribel Legarda), Outstanding Original Libretto (Liza Magtoto and Vincent de Jesus), and Outstanding Musical Direction (Vincent de Jesus).

"Care Divas is not a story of epic proportions. It is a story on immigration and how the dark, dirty, and dangerous work that will be encountered by a majority of OFWs can, in the hands of resilient and loving people, be turned into a life filled with camaraderie, adventure, and passion for life," shared Maribel Legarda.

"It is a story that spans roughly a year that focuses on a small, seemingly insignificant, community of OFWs that find a way to survive and thrive through friendships and an opportunity of personal expression through their creative performances," the director added.

The musical adds new cast members  (Red Concepcion, Ron Alfonso, Gio Gahol, and Thou Reyes) to the original ensemble (Melvin Lee, Vincent de Jesus, Ricci Chan, Buddy Caramat, Dudz Terana, and Jason Barcial) as well as two powerful new songs to add another layer of excitement for those eager to watch the re-run of the show.

Shows run from Tuesdays through Sundays at 3 PM and 8 PM at the PETA Theater Center. For inquiries and ticket reservations, simply get in touch with the Marketing and Public Relations office via mobile # 09175765400.


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