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Kylie Padilla joins Watsons' team of brand ambassadors
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Encantadia star Kylie Padilla is the latest addition to Watsons' stable of celebrity endorsers. She joins Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Iya Villana-Arellano, Lorna Tolentino, and Edu Manzano in espousing the label's ongoing 'Switch & Save' campaign.

"Kinilig ako when I knew I was considered by Watsons. This is because me and my sisters are avid Watsons shoppers and our idea of Sunday pampering is trying out lots of their beauty products, most especially the hair care treatments.

"I'm so happy to be working now, especially in this time of my life," contnued the expectant mom. "I really wanted to have a baby when I was still 17 as my mom also had me around that age.

"I do walking, yoga, and the not-so intense muay thai routines. Am also almost over with my cheese and pasta cravings. I sleep well, drink lots of water, rub tummy oil regularly, and I guess my daily vitamin doses does the work for my body. The growth (baby bump) is so nice. Motherhood is a learning journey. My mom advised me that I should breastfed my baby til he/she turns a year older.

"I'll probably be a makeup artist when I retire from showbusiness and probably have my own makeup line. My advise to other young mothers out there is to accept who you are. Just look inside and be the best mom you can be. Take life and live it day by day.

"I'm now more conscious of what projects to take for the sake of my child. My gynecologist said my due date is towards the end of July," revealed Kylie.

Some five years ago, the country's economy was going through unstable shifts. Consumers were faced with austerity measures; and were forced to choose where to spend and where to cut down. As Watsons wanted to help, it launched the Switch & Save campaign in 2012; an advertising effort that showed smart shoppers how to save on their personal care essentials in order to afford more of the things they really needed. All they had to do was shift from the leading brand to the Watsons brand.

In its first few years, the simple idea proved to be a smashing success. Watsons customers all across the archipelago made the switch - from changing their toothbrushes, tissues, lotions, and lots more - for the affordable, high quality Watsons alternative. With such great momentum behind the campaign, the label decided to expand the campaign to its pharmacy component. Launching Watsons Generics in 2014, the label was able to bring the same promise of affordable quality to Filipinos everywhere; improving the state of the nation's healthcare.

But even with so many switchers on board, not everyone seemed to be convinced. The notion that 'cheaper meant lower quality' had some shoppers resisting the change. Yet the Watsons team knew the truth that with the label's amazing quality products, most people wouldn't even feel the difference.That's when the marketing blitz was born: The switch test! The team then mounted an in-store activity that asked shoppers to compare Watsons to the leading brands. The only hitch is that they'd do it blindfolded. Without being able to see the brands, customers were asked to try out two products and choose the one they would rather buy. From body scrubs to hair irons, shoppers felt their way through the many Watsons selections, and the results were overwhelming.

Eight out of ten shoppers chose the Watsons labeled products over the leading branded counterparts, an amazing testament to Watsons quality. But the surprise didn't end there. When informed of the savings they could get with the Watsons label, the remaining shoppers, who at first chose the leading brands, were also convinced to make the switch. With results such as these, the team knew that they were on to somethong big. The next challenge was to bring the same experience to more people.

Gathering together Watsons' six celebrity endorsers, all were put to the Switch Test. Running the same blind test used in the stores, Watsons asked each of the celebrities the same simple question, "What's the difference between these two products?" Their verdict: None! So not even the discerning brand ambassadors could tell the difference between Watsons product quality and that of the leading brands. There was, however, one big change they all noted. That if you switched to Watsons, you can save up to 80%!

"This exciting campaign is now on its fifth year. At Watsons, there's something for everybody. This campaign has however evolved to become our mission. You don't have to spend so much for the basics in life. The Switch & Save initiative gives the best value for your health and beauty concerns," shared VP for marketing Vicky Encarnacion.

With so much more waiting to happen this 2017, Watsons kickstarted the year 's FQ with the launch of the new Switch & Save television.commercial. Catch it and see if you, too, can tell the difference, or if you have already decided to switch and save.


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