Philips´ Summer Blitz

Beating summer woes with sense & simplicity
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Temperatures are rising and the midday sun seems to get hotter than ever. Despite the heat, summer will always find people doing things a step up more than their usual. There are family outings, barkada reunions at the beach or just enjoying nights out with colleagues at work. With this in mind, the world of Philips small appliances are within reach to help each one achieve a stress-free summer.
As outings and trips are inevitable during this festive season of Mayflower queens and out-of-town fiestas, the rice cooker is very ideal to bring along to feed the brood. It has a capacity of 10 liters/cup and very easy to clean with its non-stick pot. The detachable power cord also allows for more convenient transport and storage.
The rice cooker HD4729 will always give you the perfect pot of rice, anytime of day. With its automatic one-touch button, you need not watch over the cooking time. It will also keep the rice warm for half a day, allowing for steaming cups of perfectly-cooked rice readily available.
For a state-of-the-art twist in cooking, try the rice cooker HD4755 with artificial intelligence. There are six preset cooking menus for different kinds of rice and five food menus including congee, soup, steam, stew and cake. The Keep Warm function and timer makes it easy to schedule the cooking time around hectic itineraries. It is so hip and stylish that it does not look like a kitchen appliance.
Carbohydrates are not bad for the body, After all, they belong to the six food groups. Besides, if you are going to burn calories, you need carbs for energy.
While fads in general are rarely beneficial, no one can deny that the popularity of running as a sport or outdoor event has been a good thing. Many have taken to running because of the ease of getting into it; requiring no equipment except for good running shoes. Take advantage of this active streak by complementing it with healthy eating habits. Avoid fried and processed foods, and cut down on foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.
The food steamer HD9140 is a high-quality gadget which features the unique Flavor Booster that improves streamed food by infusing it with your favorite herbs and spices. It comes with preset timing for fish, fowl, vegetable and meat. It also comes with a recipe book that you can try out for more food options.
Steamed food should not be boring nor bland. For the constantly busy and pressed-for-time yuppies, the Keep Warm feature allows one to prepare meals in advance. It is likewise easy to clean with its removable drip tray and dishwasher-safe stackable parts.
Drinking lots of fluids is a great way to lose weight and replenish water loss from excessive sweating in the sweltering summer heat. However, soda, instant fruit juices and iced tea blends are very high in sugar. Fresh fruit juices and shakes are better for your health. Keep your inner cool as the temperatures soar with the aluminum juicer and/or blender.
The aluminum juicer HR1861 features different control settings for soft and hard fruits and vegetables. There is no need to precut them as the extra-large feeding tube accommodates bigger chunks for maximum juicing. Made of anodized aluminum, it leaves the gadget stain-free and thus enabling it to last longer than conventional models. Its micro-mesh filter is of stainless steel while its 1.5-liter jug makes it possible to make large batches of juice at once.
The matching aluminum blender HR2094, on the other hand, features a somewhat stronger motor that can cut and crush just about anything; from fruits to to vegetables to ice. Simply choose the exact speed you need. It has a dedicated smoothie function and an ice-crush button as well. The long-lasting serrated blades provide perfect crushing and blending and results in a clearer juice without seeds. Both juicer and blender include recipe books for more varieties in making your own home-concocted blends.
All models of Philips juicers and blenders are on a 20% markdown price at all appliance centers nationwide for the entire month of May. Healthy demonstrations, a detailed product demo of the gadgets are on-going in selected appliance stores around the archipelago every weekend. You may wanna check them out!
Summer also brings with it the desire for never-ending parties and late night outings. The steam iron GC1420 will keep your clothes in tip-top condition. And because no one ever wants to spend a second more on household chores than the necessary, the uniquely-designed steam holes and non-stick sole plate makes ironing a breeze.
It provides continuous steam of up to 17g/min for better crease removal. You also do not have to worry about accidentally ironing a permanent burn mark on your favorite shirt as it easily glides on most fabrics with a temperature control that is so easy. The caulk clean feature prevents the iron from scale build-up, making it suitable for use with tap water.
Tocoms Philippines, Inc. started operations in April 2000. Since its inception, it has been appointed and is an exclusive distributor of domestic appliances (DAP) in the country. This includes major household and kitchen appliances like toasters, kettles, deep fryers, shavers, trimmers, hair dryers & stylers, vacuum cleaners, infra-red lamps and oral care products.
The Royal Philips Electronics of The Netherlands is a diversified health & well-being company focused on improving peoples lives through timely innovations. As a world leader in health care, lifestyle and lighting, Philips integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on fundamental consumer insights and the brand promise of sense & simplicity.
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