Water matters most
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The Earth, despite its land areas, is predominantly filled with water. That the human body echoes its composition, only cements the fact that water is an indispensable element to both the biosphere and the human tissue. Without it, life would be impossible.
Water, as elixir, sustains life.
Water in the polar caps or those running through icy streams in the Swiss Alps and rolling down mountaintops is water in its most pristine state. Desert countries spend a lot to tow icebergs and fallen glaciers to have an adequate supply of clean water.
People in some parts of the world live to be over a hundred years old and remain in excellent overall health as a result of ingesting this kind of water - alkaline ionized water.
Known as the universal solvent, water not only satiates thirst but can also heal bodily disorders. Thus, of its many kinds, alkaline water is the most beneficial.
Today, we need not have to get water down streams or rivers as we now have easy access to alkaline ionized water as provided by a few refilling stations like AquaHealth.
AquaHealth Pure Drinking Water, Inc. is a water-refilling company servicing consumers with alkaline ionized water through quality purification processes. The company uses a unique process called Silver Ionization to produce 'hi-tech water,' that is, alkaline ionized water with colloidal silver.
Through this state-of-the-art process, silver ions are introduced into the water to keep it free from disease-carrying bacteria while keeping all healthy minerals intact. The ion kills bacteria by being attracted to the bacteria at such force that the membrane of the cell is ruptured, allowing the ions to disrupt the DNA formation.
This technology is being used in the Philippines for the first time, but NASA had been using it since the 20thcentury as a reliable, lightweight and non-chemical form of water on long-duration space flights.
Alkaline ionized water is best for the body because it offers beneficial internal pH balance – the key to overall good health.
It is an excellent natural antioxidant that scavenges free radicals before they oxidize cell tissue. It buffers against lactic acid build-up so that recovery time after exercising is decreased. It also provides more available oxygen to the body than ordinary tap water thereby increasing energy, decreasing recovery time while improving capacity for aerobic activities. It neutralizes as well as flush out toxins and acidic waste from the body. In the book “Reverse Aging,” author Sang Whang states that this type of water reverses the ageing process, lowers blood pressure and helps the heart work less harder.
Alkaline ionized water contains essential calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in a form that can be assimilated. Cancer cells don't thrive in an oxygenated and alkaline environment but our health does.
This water type contains structurally smaller molecules which help the body assimilate more water to hydrate it quickly. It also helps with weight control; curbing your hunger when dieting.
Our systems are naturally capable of releasing wastes from our bodies: urination, sweating, bowel movement and exhaling are in-body mechanisms that release the extra acidic toxins from within. Acidity plays a huge part on why there are people who find it hard to lose weight, who feel weak or easily get affected by diseases. It is because too much acid robs the blood of oxygen and slows down the body's metabolism. The body can be protected against infirmities by drinking alkaline ionized water as it oxygenates our system.
Sickness and diseases causes the body to be more acidic. The pH imbalance affects the body by making it susceptible to more ailments. Having the right amount of alkaline helps level off the acidity and arrest acidosis.
Moreover, using alkaline ionized water to reconstitute your juices from concentrates will result in a sweeter taste with less bite because the acid will be neutralized. The same holds true for beverages like coffee and tea.
The natural texture and color of vegetables are retained when cooked in it while rice is fluffier after being boiled with it.
“AquaHealth is a water-refilling company with a strong water purification processing. We're always committed in continuous research and development (R & D) on the latest water purification treatments,” said Romeo Marasigan, the area master franchise of Rizal province.
AquaHealth started its operations in 1997 with its first outlet in Cainta, Rizal. Presently, the company has 80 franchised outlets nationwide: 70 around Metro Manila and suburbs while the rest are scattered in the provinces of Batangas, Bulacan, Cebu and in key areas of Visayas and Mindanao.
To know more about AquaHealth alkaline ionized water, including franchise opportunities, simply call tel. nos. 636-1140; 636-1153; 637-7908 and/or mobile # 0918-9020191. You may also visit their Web site:


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