Dairy Queen

A mango-filled summer
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The rising temperature has made people scamper to the nearest 'cool' places; may it be the mall or some inviting watering hole and/or dining outlet.
Dairy Queen, the world's largest ice cream chain, gives cityphiles a reason to celebrate summer this year with the introduction of its new line of treats that will surely tickle every discerning Filipino's taste buds: our national fruit – the luscious mango!
Cool down after enjoying a day under the sweltering summer sun with Cheesecake Blizzard, a fusion of cheesecake chunks and mango slices blended with DQ's signature soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Or you may opt for the Pineapple Blizzard that's laden with sweet golden pineapple chunks for a more fruity sensation.
Share these blissful moments by taking home the Mango Cheesecake Blizzard Cake for the entire family to enjoy. It's a fusion of DQ's signature ice cream treat and a blend of creamy vanilla ice cream atop a delightful fudge and cookie crunch center. After all, summer becomes sweeter when sharing moments with loved ones.
Craving for smoothies? Then indulge in something cold to quench that thirst after hours of fun under the sun. Savor the premium goodness of their Mango Fruit Smoothie with its delectable blend of oranges, mango and creamy soft vanilla ice cream. Holding these coolers makes you wanna grab your straw hat and swimwear and hie off to the nearest pool and/or beachfront.
And if you feel like you can't do away with that citrus flavor you love most, the Mango Citrus Cooler will give you just what you want exactly – the refreshing flavors of lemon and mango deliciously melded in this ultimate summer quencher.
It's sure to be one sweet, mango-filled summer with Dairy Queen's cool concoctions. The company is the world's biggest ice cream chain with over 6,000 stores around the globe. Simply visit any Dairy Queen outlet in major malls around the metropolis. For more info, simply log-on to www.dairyqueen.com.ph or find the brand in Facebook's search engine.


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