Lima Park Hotel

Pastureland paradise
Text & photos by Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Batangas has been revisited, time and again, for its dive spots in Anilao and white sand beaches in San Juan. However, very few people have discovered the wonders of its vast grazing lands that dot several locations throughout the province.
Lima Park, one of Batangas' luxury hotels, showcases the province as produce capital of the archipelago. It beckons metropolitan dwellers and vacationers to explore its vast panoramic vistas as well as the flavors of Asia through its selection of dishes taken from all over the region at its Asian Flavors outlet. The majestic gold leaf walls that echo the elegant carpet design at the foyer area makes a good reason to celebrate precious moments therein.
Exquisite comforts await, just the way you want it. Leisurely afternoon tea by the terrace or dips at the pool with your favorite smoothie will surely drive all your weekday blues away.
Should you have a preference for the outdoors, the poolside is ideal for special banquets and open-air parties. The area is also ideal for corporate team-building exercises.
They say that you've never really been to any place until you've sank your teeth into the local cuisine. And since you're gonna try it anyway, I suggest you go for one of the best.
Formerly of Salud Bistro and Kusina Salud, Chef Paul proffers unto guests his take on Asian delicacies. “We're taking guests on a gastronomic journey and explore the Asian continent through the Filipino palate,” enthused Chef Paul.
Asked what is distinctive about his cuisine, he asserts that Asian Flavors is a Filipino restaurant with an Asian flair. A lot of the ingredients that are used are sourced locally, including Batangas produce like bangus and tawilis. What's more, all herbs used in the kitchen, like kaffir lime and Vietnamese cilantro, are grown at the back of the hotel.
Those who crave for Filipino dishes will certainly delight in his concoction of arugula salad with toasted adobo flakes, an interesting mix of greens topped with crunchy chicken flakes with red onion dressing. And then there's Salmon Sinigang, slow-poached Norwegian salmon in a tart Japanese miso-style sinigang consomme served with fresh vegetables.
For those with sweet tooth, try their Lime Pie with yema bonbons, calamansi-flavored cream pie with sugar-coated yema balls. Pure bliss!
The Lima Park property sits on a sprawling acreage of verdure and pastureland right in the midst of the Technology Center in Malvar town. It is a most treasured, albeit not often-seen destination, in the province of Batangas. For more travel information, simply call (+43) 981-1555 and/or visit


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