Fish & Co.

Seafood and beyond
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

There's more to Fish & Co than its famous seafood fare. As it beefs up its menu, there are now 'meatier' options to get hooked on to. There are seven new dishes that will delight meat lovers. “We've expanded our meat selection to include seven new options that appeal to a broader market, especially those who have a proclivity for red meat and game,” intoned Lisa Ronquillo, director of marketing for the Bistro Group.
The latest meaty offerings include Braised Beef Ribs, a savory stew of slow-cooked succulent short rib shanks. Another rib favorite is their mouth-watering BBQ Pork Ribs that's specially marinated then grilled to perfection and served with homemade ranch sauce. The ribs are served either in full rack, half-rack or 'just for me' servings to feast upon.
Meanwhile, the Sizzling Burger Teriyaki is guaranteed to give sandwich lovers a whole new way of enjoying the ubiquitous burger with the peculiar Fish & Co twist. And for the whole family to share, try their version of the quintessential Crispy Pata. The popular pork leg and knuckles are first air-dried before being fried to a delicious crisp!
For pizza lovers, nothing beats their nicely-tossed and freshly-baked Filo crust. Try their Pizza Tropicana and munch on the goodness of this fun-to-share puff pastry with honeyed ham and pineapple chunks as toppings; or you may opt for the Italian Sausage Pizza that's amply covered with plump morsels of sausages.
And for a bit of Halal cuisine, let your teeth sink unto their flavorful fowl bits of Chicken Curry that's stewed in homemade spicy red coconut. Yummy!
The new dishes were added to their existing meat options that have, over time, become some of the restaurant's best sellers. These include such dishes as Grilled Porkchop Basilico, Chicken Peri-Peri, Mediterranean Tenderloin Grill, Breaded Chicken Piggyback as well as the medley of Shrimps & Chicken Breast al Pesto.
Whether you're a seafood or meat lover, Fish & Co's concoctions will get you hooked at first bite. Servings are ample and meant for sharing; making the dining experience all the more fun and enjoyable with family and friends.
For the month of March, diners get a 'Just for Me' seafood dish for only P1.00 with an order of any of the meat entrees. Take your pick from a delectable array of dishes that boast of the bounty from the sea – Fish & Chips, Seafood Platter, Spaghetti Marinara, Seafood Curry and/or Prawns Fettuccini. In your next visit, ask your server about this month's Piso promotion. This limited-engagement blitz lets diners enjoy any of the foodstop's many delicious fare for an amazing markdown that's almost a giveaway!
There are now more reasons to come ashore as your favorite seafood hub just got meatier.
Enjoy the Fish & Co dining experience at any of its branches around the metropolis: Greenbelt 3 (7297431-32); Shangri-La Plaza Mall (9102140-42); SM Mall of Asia (556-0683); Trinoma (9162028-29) and Alabang Town Center (659-3392).


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