Proactiv Solution

Be pimple-free and pretty
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

I once read an anecdote in a magazine that goes, “The biggest problem you have to face is when your problem is your face.” Harsh, but true! After all, it is our respective countenances that people remember us by. Our faces are eternally linked to our identities. Unless, you go ahead and alter everything through surgery. But that's an altogether different story.
For this article, we'll focus our attention on skin imperfections. Of these blemishes, acne and zit are probably the most common. But the good news is, with proper diet and skin care regimen, you can prevent them from causing you worries.
With just three simple steps daily, the Proactiv over-the-counter acne treatment system combines real medication with soothing botanical properties. It is strong enough to kill the most stubborn acne yet gentle enough to use everyday. Proactiv lets you enjoy the clear, radiant skin you've been born with. The solution is different from other skin care regimen in that the 3-step formula actually renews, revitalizes and repairs skin damage. It's a revolutionary, dermatologist-developed, 3-step acne system that both helps clear existing acne and prevents future breakouts. Requiring less than 5 minutes a day, it's easy to make the solution a part of your daily skin care ritual.
“Proactiv is mild enough for the younger set and effective even for much older persons. Acne is most often the result of hormonal activity. In some cases, the cause is neo-natal. That's why even babies can have acne after 30 days from birth. And then there are other factors like stress and lack of sleep. The latter factor produces androgen that in turn breaks down into pro-acne hormones (DHEAS); which then increases the production of sebum. The increased activity in our sebaceous glands also bring with it an increase in acne bacteria. And the acne cycle begins,” apprised dermatologist Michelle B. Manuel, M.D., during an intimate media colloquy.
Spot treating blemishes after they break out is too late; it's a frustratingly losing battle that does nothing to prevent the problem. In contrast, Proactiv treats the whole face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back in a way that helps to correct breakouts before they could start to form.
Proactiv is manufactured in the US. The product started to be distributed around the country in 2005. What's good about the brand is their full money back guarantee.
“The one percent of refund are due to cases with allergic reactions to the solution and those with hypersensitivity to benzyl peroxide, an anti-bacterial component. The 2.5 percent content in each bottle blocks the production of free fatty acids – the triglyceride breakdown – which is the catalyst to acne formation. The increased percentage of linoleic acid in the solution also lessens acne,” she added.
The secret to a clear complexion is treating the entire face to proactively prevent breakouts before they could get started. Proactiv combines a mild solution of prescription-grade acne medicine with premier skin-care ingredients to unclog pores, kill acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation and condition your skin.
“Perhaps you didn't know that skim milk causes acne more than regular milk. Low-fat milk is a safe source of calcium but carabao's milk is the healthiest,” enthused Dr. Manuel at the close of our dialogue.
Proactiv Solution is America's No. 1 anti-acne therapy system. The brand is exclusively imported and distributed by Top American Products Solutions Inc. (TAPS) in the country. The 30-day and 60-day 3-step system kits are available in all Watsons outlets and SM department stores as well as through their door-to-door delivery via hot-line 729-222 and on-line carts via the Web site


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