Beauty Deo (Belo Essentials)

Belo-fied beauty!
By Nico Erle Ciriaco

Perfectly timed on Mother’s Day weekend, Cristalle Belo Henares and celebrity mom Dr. Vicki Belo spearheaded their latest campaign at the Trinoma Activity Center. The glamorous occasion rolled out like vignettes from an old Hollywood movie. Anne Curtis Smith is the muse of the newly-launched Belo Beauty Deo.
“We’re very proud of how far Belo Essentials have come in creating effective and affordable beauty products. And Anne epitomizes the elegance, confidence and simplicity that the brand is all about,” said managing director Christalle Henares.
“This product took three years in the making. And when we finally launched the soap-lotion-deo line last year, a lot of consumers can attest that there are no residues whatsoever,” she added.
“That’s confirmed!” concurred Anne, who also said she has also promoted another brand of deo product long before she went into mainstream showbiz.
The actress has been in the Belo family since she first entered show-business as a teenage star. She said she is very happy about how her new involvement with this latest undertaking has turned out. “I grew up with Belo. They’ve taken care of all my beauty needs since puberty, and I’ve never had to look for anything else. They offer so many products and services, so it was very easy for me to find the perfect match for myself, especially in caring for my skin, inside and out. I’ve underwent five sessions of their underarm laser treatment, and since then my pit hairs have grown really fine that they’re hardly noticeable at all,” shared the very popular noontime show co-host.
Anne, who has grown into one of the most beautiful and sought-after faces of her generation, credits her transformation to the caring eye of the Belo Beauty Center. Since the beauty deo launch a year ago, she revealed that the Belo Beauty Deo has always been one of her personal beauty must-haves. It addresses all the underarm issues that most women worry about. It works as an anti-perspirant, effectively whitens dark areas, smoothen the epidermis by minimizing pores and chicken skin, and does not leave a sticky feeling after application Aside from the classic roll-on, ladies can also opt for the deo spray.
“One of the most important things is to find the perfect deodorant for ourselves. Especially in my line of work.


"I would not be so confident if I were worrying about dark or sweaty underarms all the time!
It’s an exciting upgrade of such an essential product. A lot of ladies prefer sprays to roll-ons, and it’s great to have the beauty deo available in both variants,” enthused Anne.
“We create products that address the frustration of women. While this is primarily an underarm whitening product, it can also be used in the other hidden areas of the body. We can’t do away with aluminum chloride (tawas) so we simply took the good part that addresses the whitening concern. However, when alum combines with the acidity of perspiration, it’s like going through a “one step forward, one step backward,” process in attaining your whitening goal because acid can ‘burn’ the skin.
“Stick to the basics and stay away from products with friction. Scrubbing your underarms, even with loofah, makes them darker. Waxing, too, can; depending on who did the procedure. And so does skin peeling. At first, you’ll see that it’s “white” but it gradually darkens as the days pass by. Look at the napes of jeepney drivers, their necks have darkened from the constant rubbing of the hand towels they bring along.
“Did you know that Belo products are the No. 1 pasalubong items in Filipino communities overseas? While our products are priced for $1, it however sells for $10 abroad! That’s the reason why we never opened outside the country; so people would really want to have our products from their kababayans. We also have packaging in Arabic that has passed the Halal standards,” apprized Dr. Vicki.
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