Regatta's "Happy Resort"

Of scents and summer silhouettes
By Nico Erle Ciriaco

Whether sailing, sunbathing, swimming or simply sight-seeing, the parfait colors of the season are brought to the fore with Regatta’s ‘Happy Resort’ collection.
The leading fashion brand known for its easy feel and relaxed lines, once again pushes the boundaries of style – and scent – with a twin launch that welcome new additions to their growing portfolio: a fresh new scent, Leisure; as well as its preppy resort summer collection.
The introduction of a new fragrance is sure to capture the season for both men and women. Aptly named Leisure, Regatta’s latest scent represents the casual and comfy experience that the fashion brand offers.
Leisure is what a Regatta summer smells like: a light combination of freshness for women or that outdoorsy combination of musk notes for men. The summer bouquet evokes a memory of sun-filled days that perfectly complements the brand’s summer wear.
The preppy resort collection continues the tradition of relaxed leisure fashion with a burst of bright and fun summer colors in its key pieces. The collection boasts of classic tops and bottoms in vivid and tastefully contrasting shades.
Mauve, lilac, pink, aubergine, muted grays, azure hues, melon, orange and lemon shades streak the collection’s color palette. Shorts, shirts, cardigans and folded pants layer beautifully atop each other. Straw hats adorn striped frocks worn over flip-flops, ballet flats, and/or platform wedges.
The collection also includes a wide variety of prints; from colorful surf boards and bicycles to floral paintings. What makes the apparel interesting is the repetition of prints – plaids & pinstripes - that put a new twist on basic tees, shirts, and accessories. Imagine topsiders pedaling bicycles by the dockside

, as walking shorts for him & her get paired with hooded windbreakers.
For men, basic polo shirts and simple flat-front tailored pants are given a fashion makeover with wayfarer shades. It highlights the clean and fresh expression of summer fun with a dash of preppy-ness. New for the brand are multi-striped tank tops that are perfectly paired with colorful and lightweight drawstring shorts.
For women, blousons, flattering tops and comfortable skirts are given new life with delicious hues. Additionally, bright tees, cotton blouses, colored jeans and nautical prints aim at awakening one’s seaside cravings. Shirtsleeves, culottes, fitted capris, and belted sundresses complete the trunk pieces.
One of the key components in this collection is the use of chambray, a fabric that is lighter and softer than linen. It provides a relaxed look but also highlights the preppy essentials on polo shirts, printed woven shirts, dresses and chinos.
Heightening the summer getaway feel is a mix-and-match collection of swimsuit tops and bottoms that simply stand out. The swimwear pieces are perfect for any summer and/or beach activity the day might bring.
Men in sleeveless shirts strut around with fitted board shorts, cargo pants or surf shorts that snugly hug the Apollo’s cradle. While loosely knitted gossamer cover-ups veil the women’s two-piece printed bikinis quite well.
With this collection, Regatta makes the most out of the season’s theme with designs that certainly raise the fun fashion ante, as well as the easy vibe that the brand has been known for. And as any mariner would shout when nearing the shore, we re-echo the same to fashion sailors everywhere, “Land ahoy!”


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