Sangobion (Ferrous Gluconate)

Treating blood disorders
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Vitamins & minerals are needed by our bodies to stay in tip-top condition. Although needed in minute quantities on a daily basis, or in larger doses in certain instances, these essential substances are what make our system’s inner workings remain in perfect balance.
Take iron for instance. As a necessary element for optimum health, iron is needed to supplant blood loss during menstrual cycles, cure bouts of dizziness caused by anemia, correct weariness and fatigue, helps us gain more focus & concentration, and aids in periods of gestation, lactation, pregnancy and periods surrounding childbirth.
“Each chocolate-scented pill aids in preventing iron deficiency, most especially women. Sangobion came from the words “sangre” which means blood, and “bio” which means life.  
Some sources of iron in our daily diet include red meat, eggs, liver, oatmeal, nuts as well as food supplements and formulations like Sangobion. It is the No. 1 iron supplement in Indonesia and a fast-rising second in the Philippines. It is also available in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. Sangovion is a German brand, being formulated by the Deutsch pharmaceutical Merck Serono, the oldest drug company in the world,” informed Fidji Miranda, marketing manager for Merck Consumer Health.
Iron is an essential component in hemoglobin, the iron-containing substance in red blood cells that gives their characteristic color; and which, with the aid of folic acid, is responsible for our clotting factor. It is required for normal blood formation, as it is our transport system around the body.
As blood is the fluid that carries all the nutrients around the body, as well as the much-needed oxygen into our vital organs, we must, therefore, not take it for granted. To give us a better insight on how iron does wonders to our bodies, comedienne Giselle Sanchez unfolds a one-woman show entitled “Salaminkera” on June 9th, 5 pm, at the Events Center, Lower Ground Floor, Building A of SM Megamall.
Coined after the term “salamangkera” a Filipino word for magician or wizard, Salaminkera is like the best friend next door who you love for not mincing words and always saying the truth.
As the ‘woman in the mirror,’ Giselle will extol the virtues of iron – and how it is packaged as
Ferrous Gluconate, a carbon-based organic iron that has more health benefits when compared to the inorganic ferrous sulfate formulations. Ferrous Gluconate has less gastro-intestinal side effects than the latter and has a much lesser metallic aftertaste.
The ‘mirror show’ will tackle issues very relevant to womanhood in general; and tells women if they have the three signs of iron deficiency, in particular.
More than health concerns, she can also talk to you about your career, family life, and love life. After all, Salaminkera is inspired by the magic mirror of the evil queen from the timeless tale of Snow White; and provide honest answers to any question.
“These days, women play multiple roles. These overlapping tasks as wife, mother and career woman can take its toll on your health; making you haggard and tired, especially if you’re breast-feeding. Women need balance doing all these juggling acts. Drained energy will leave women feeling empty and tired. Luckily, iron supplement Sangobion is there to help us,” shared the multi-talented comedienne, who also dabbles as columnist for the Manila Bulletin and the on-line journal
Being organic in origin, Sangobion, aka Ferrous Gluconate, is a better formulation as it melts in the system as against Ferrous Sulfate that stays in your body. That’s why those who drink the latter must stop ingesting it after some time. Sorbitol, a component in Sangobion, hastens the absorption of supplements that are part of your diet and is anti-constipatory as well. Ingesting a number of supplements can take its toll on our bowel movements. That’s why it is also important not to forget fiber sources in our daily diet.
With the help of Sangobion, Giselle hopes to inspire and give a boost to women everywhere through her show so that they can always remain beautiful and successful as a mom and a wife, and still enjoy a career of their choice.  
According to the World Health Organization, 42% of women in their reproductive age are suffering from iron deficiency.  In other words, most could now be suffering from
iron deficiency yet remain in denial; even when all the symptoms are out in the open. What’s more is that 80 per cent of the world’s population may be iron deficient; while 30 per cent may be suffering from iron deficiency anemia, the No. 1 nutritional disorder across the globe. At least 500-million people worldwide are affected by this condition. For more than three decades now, Merck has combatted this with Sangobion, an organic iron supplement laden with vitamins and minerals. As a pharmaceutical company, Merck has been around for more than three centuries now; looking after the wellness and well-being of peoples around the world.
Expect an enjoyable magic mirror ride as Salaminkera and Sangobion take everyone to an inside look at the world of Filipino women. With insights coming from Giselle’s personal experiences as a woman herself, expect jokes and laughter to also contain bits of wisdom that will tickle both the funny bone and the mind.

Sangobion is available in all major and leading drugstores nationwide. For more information, simply visit their Web site, www. 


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