Hardie Man Challenge

The ultimate structure building contest
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The Shuttershield team emerged as champion in the recently concluded Hardie Man Challenge: The Ultimate Building Contest at the Powerplant Mall Tent. The team also won the Best Workmanship category as well as the Best James Hardie Knowledge in the quiz bee. CABCO and the Gentry groups won as 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively. Deeva won Best Teamwork while the Jonlib’z team won for Best Safety.
Ten of the country’s best builders battled it off in a unique competition that tested their skills, workmanship, and expertise in building construction. Each builder fielded a team composed of three members each – to install walls, ceilings, and the new HardieFlex flooring that was designed specifically for the Philippine market.
“This event is the perfect opportunity to experience easy installation of HardieFlex advanced building composite, which is known for its durability, high quality, versatility and dimension precision. Through the Hardie Man Challenge, the builders demonstrated how easy it is to install HardieFlex even for do-it-yourself (DIY) homebuilders and how beautifully it conforms to any design preference they opt for. The brand is the next generation in building products that does not compromise peace of mind,” intoned sales & marketing director Mark Sergio.
With typhoons Maring, Odette and Pablo visiting the country, and with an average of about 20 storms entering the Philippine area of responsibility each year, Filipino homeowners should be meticulous in using only authentic and advanced building composite. HardieFlex by James Hardie is resistant to damage caused by moisture, fire, and termites and does not contain carcinogenic substances like asbestos.
When installed and maintained correctly, HardiFlex advanced building composite is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions – from scorching dry heat to thick humidity; strong winds and typhoons, to flooding and constant moisture.
Being locally-based, the brand can cater to homeowners’ needs faster. James Hardie has local consultants that are available anytime, anywhere around the archipelago to provide product information and technical support. “James Hardie has been in the Philippines for 16 years and, as such, we know the needs of Filipino homeowners; especially the need to build the best home that their loved ones deserve, a place where they can feel safe and secure so they can enjoy precious family moments with peace of mind,” Mark added.
Strength of materials is not merely something Engineering students study; nor is it just a subject in their licensure exams. It is an essential measure of sturdiness – as evidenced quality/product standards - for all materials needed in building structures to ensure safety and longevity. Edifices, dwellings, abodes and all other structures need to be strong to withstand inundation, floods, quakes and termites. After all, the Philippines sit on both earthquake and volcanic belts. As the James Hardie brand credo aptly states, “Living without compromise.”
HardieFlex advanced building composite is the ideal building material for your home. For more information, simply visit the company Web site through www.jameshardie.com,ph and/or call 1-800-8885427 (outside Metro Manila) and 895-5427 (within Metro Manila).


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