Xin Tian Di

 Crowne Plaza proffers Yee Shang lauriat set
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila offers revelers and well-wishers a yu sheng set lucky lunch and/or dinner at their Chinese fine dining restaurant Xin Tian Di. Head chef Andy Fung prepared a lauriat feast of authentic dishes including seafood, dumplings and the symbolic yee shang salad believed to bring wealth and good luck.
The perfect time to honor family and loved ones, Xin Tian Di ensures a joyful experience for all as the hotel ushers in the Year of the Yin Wood Goat.  At the beginning of the meal, table occupants toss the yu sheng salad while cheering for auspicious new beginnings. This sweet sourish tossed salad dish is made more savory with slices of salmon.
After appetizers come the soup, Double-boiled chicken with Chinese ham and wanton. This creamy concoction tastefully combines feet and breast parts of the Filipino’s well-loved fowl. The fried golden mango seafood roll comes thereafter. This crunchy delight, filled with mango, seafood and mayo, is served with julienne carrot strips, Rohmaine lettuce and fresh strawberry.
Seafood lovers will be happy to know that there are two more in the menu. First is Sauteed scallops with broccoli and fried-shredded bread-stuffed prawns.  This shellfish plate is smothered with creamy mushroom sauce. Then followed closely with the Steamed cod fish with wild mushrooms cooked in olive oil. This medley from the sea pairs well with the Thai-style fried rice that’s served inside a pineapple shell.
And to end the repast on a sweet note, a basket carved from ice is proffered containing Baked crispy snow asado pao with ube jelly and special buchi. This fresh and energizing experience is further enhanced by a Chinese New Year weekend package in renovated rooms. Guests will surely find peace and relaxation in the comforts of the hotel’s stylish accommodations with breakfast for two and 24/7 complimentary Internet access, among other perks.

For more information on the special Chinese New Year offerings, simply log-on to the hotel’s Web site,


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