Yin and Yang

Shop of Harmony's forecast for Goat Year
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

New World Hotel ushers in the Chinese New Year with modern Oriental flair. To welcome the Year of the Yin Wood Goat, guests were invited to receive a shower of good luck at the most auspicious spots around the hotel.
Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez of the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony guided revelers on the ages-old Chinese traditions and best practices to achieve prosperity. The hotel features a wishing fountain, positive sources of energy, and wishing trees with a special burning ritual where guests cast their wishes and released them to heaven. The traditional eye-dotting ceremony was followed by a vibrant dragon and lion dances prior to a delectable lucky feast, highlighted by the yee shang salad tossing.  Each of the ingredients in this dish represents something that attracts good energy.
As the practice of feng shui continues to gain popularity and recognition in the Philippines, members of the Chinese and Filipino communities are becoming aware of the advantages and uses of properly-guided feng shui. As such, the need for informed and well-versed authorities in the craft has become apparent.
Officially, the first day of the Lunar New Year falls on Feb. 19th, but the first day of spring this year was last Feb. 4th. This means that a baby born on Feb. 4, from noon onwards, already belongs to the Yin Wood Goat zodiac sign and no longer to the Yang Wood Horse. Since the first day of spring fell before the lunar new year, this makes 2015 a blind year. Therefore, practicing extra caution is prudent. It is also best to keep one’s eyes wide open to be able to see through the haze and distinguish between reality and illusion.  
The characteristics of the year are based on the chart of the first day and time of spring. Thus, 2015 is the Year of the Yin Wood Goat, the month of the Earth Tiger, the day of the Metal Pig, and the hour of the Wood Horse. This year is symbolized by two elements: Yin wood sitting on top of Earth.
“The Horse had more fire last year, being a Yang Wood symbol. This year is a kinder year being a Yin Wood sign. There might be a general disharmony with the top element of wood controlling the bottom element of earth. Like the government controlling its people or management exercising a strong grasp on its employees. However, the yin wood is more open and compromising so dialogues must always be made.
“De-clutter your house, clean your homes and get rid of non-working gadgets. Don’t sweep on the 19th and don’t go for a noontime nap so you don’t feel lazy the entire year. On the second day of the lunar year, women return to their parent’s home to pay respects. On the fifth day, business owners open their enterprises and give ampao to their loyal clientele.
“Women should pay extra effort on hydration because water is a missing element this year. Also in paying close attention to their tummies and what they eat. Do things for prosperity in the northeast direction, whether in the home or office. West is the worst direction, being the direction of the disaster star. Earthquakes may happen in places of that direction so it’s best to know the escape routes should you be living in any of these areas. However, the right mindset and attitude is still the most important.
“For the industries related to Wood such as textiles, garments, paper, logging, furniture, design, manufacturing, bookstores, the environment, and print media, this year will be quite favorable. Those related to Fire such as restaurants, energy & power, electronics, sports, fitness, and entertainment will also enjoy good luck as long as they move conservatively.
“For those in construction, realty, agriculture, chemicals, insurance, infrastructure, and ceramics, this year is still quite fine though it will bring a lot of competition on the scene. Last year brought a boom for real estate that will steady out this year. So buyers should plan carefully and not rush into deals. “Technology, banking, machinery, automobiles, engineering, computers, jewelry, steel, and security will have a good year. It may be a weak year for industries related to Water such as tourism, shipping, transportation, logistics, water supply, hospitality sector, and trading so people in these endeavors should put extra effort and focus,” advised Princess.
Since our environment is influenced by feng shui and the energies around us change from year to year, having a properly arranged home or office, and correctly motivating the auspicious stars will help give that aspect of your life a positive boost.
Back to a time when the concept of feng shui was thought of as only for the Chinese in the country, it was Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony that pioneered and popularized this Chinese tradition and made it accessible outside of Chinatown. “You must always remember though that the day of your birth affects luck more than the year of birth,” Princess said in closing.

Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez and her mom Baby Lim are based at the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony with its new address at the lagoon area, lobby level of the New World Hotel in Makati City. For more information, simply call 752-5882 or 811-6888 extension 3066 and-or mobile # 0917-5392679.


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