OTJ: The Missing 8

 Co-produced mini-series greenlights original video-on-demand Pinoy content on Hooq
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Reality Entertainment and director Erik Matti, in collaboration with Globe Studios, revealed cast members to the first Pinoy mini-series on Hooq, On The Job: The Missing 8, through a press launch at B Hotel’s Tent in Quezon City.

“We made the material first before casting. But the tricky part was finding the right cast. This is a brave project, an unchartered territory. We are happy that Hooq tapped us to explore formats we found from the original film; something of a challenge format based on a kind of topic or theme,” enthused director Erik Matti, who also co-wrote the material with Michiko Yamamoto. “The material is a composite of ten to twelve stories based on real events. We are also contemplating of adding some OPM tracks to the series such as songs of the Radioactive Sago Project, those of Joey Ayala, and/or songs written for the series,” he added.

The mini-series takes off on a Christmas season in the town of La Paz. In the midst of the Yuletide cheer, an altercation ensues between two seasoned mediamen, Christopher de Leon and Teroy Guzman (Sisoy), partners in a weekly newspaper; with the latter a paid hack for a politician.

After the Christmas festivities, eight journalists were gone missing. This event ushers in the entry of Bela Padilla, a city-based press person who seeks the aid of solon and former news reporter Arjo Atayde in investigating the eight’s disappearance. Only those from the prison camp knew what happened to the missing journalists. The story revolves around the goings-on in La Paz, Manila, and the prison camp.

The 6-part mini-series also star Leo Martinez (Gen. Pacheco), Dominic Ochoa (governor of La Paz), Jake Macapagal (Nato, the middleman), Smokey Manaloto (SPO3 Obet), Ria Atayde (Karen, daughter of Sisoy), Renz Ferandez (inmate Jek), and Nafa Hilario Cruz (younger sister of Karen). Also in the cast are stage actor Neil Ryan Sese, ballet meister Nonoy Froilan, and martial artist Levi Ignacio.

Hooq believes that there’s a movie or TV series for everyone. The magic of the movies is that we are so willing to suspend reality for even just a moment, unfolding a story right before our eyes. There’s no hard and fast rule about what kind of movie lover you want to be – sometimes you crave action, sometimes you enjoy a lighthearted comedy, or perhaps a thoughtful drama.

That’s why Hooq is focused on creating the largest selection of movies and TV series for you. There are over 10,000 movies and TV series for your viewing pleasure, which is 2.5 times the content of its nearest competitor. And aside from over 1,200 Hollywood movies, Hooq is the only platform that offers a wide selection of Pinoy content from the country’s biggest TV networks and film studios.

“We’ve been spending hours in the pre-production stages, and will be spending more once the camera starts rolling. The mini-series has the same energy as the film and its snow-balling effect. The gray areas intensify the urgency of things,” said Reality Entertainment producer Dondon Monteverde.

Hooq knows the biggest is not the best unless you know how to use it. It has a carefully curated catalog of award-winners – from the timeless tales like Lawrence of Arabia, Funny Girl and Good Fellas, to modern classics such as Pulp Fiction, Evita and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, unto certified blockbuster hit series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, The Avengers, Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

Hooq is constantly working with partner studios – Warner Bros., Dreamworks Classic Media, Disney, Miramax, Captive Media, and Sony Pictures – to bring the latest stories from the big screen right to individual devices, so there’s always reason to come back for more.

It brings subscribers an impressive array of Hollywood and local television content from various studio partners to satisfy the binge-watching couch potato denizens! Some of the selections include TV staples like Friends, Scandal, Once Upon A Time, Two And A Half Men, Devious Girls, Revenge and Mad Men. It keeps viewers up-to-date too with Hollywood’s top-rated shows like Supergirl and Ash vs Evil Dead—exclusively on HOOQ—24 hours after the US airing.

But of course, aside from Supergirl and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hooq is a powerhouse of superhero shows, including DC’s The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham.

“It’s the right time to showcase local talents in the region. It is also the right opportunity to show the great potentials we have here. There’s a significant number of minutes used in watching local content so we decided to offer original material as well,” intoned Philippine chief content officer Joseph Remigio.

Some of the best stories told are those that hit close to home. That’s why Hooq is committed to provide subscribers with an astounding selection of Pinoy content from various local studios like ABS-CBN, GMA, Star Cinema, Regal Entertainment, Agrix Productions, and Viva Films.

Hooq’s film library contains Pinoy box office hits like One More Chance, Ang Tanging Ina, Bituing Walang Ningning, as well as Metro Manila Film Festival staples like Shake, Rattle, and Roll and the Mano Po series.

Plus, Hooq is the go-to app for Viva and Regal movies fresh from its theatrical release. There’s JaDine’s latest hit This Time, as well as other new Viva titles like Elemento, Wang Fam, Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin, and Girlfriend For Hire. From Regal Entertainment, we’ve got 2016 movies, such as Derek and Solenn’s rom-com Love Is Blind, Sam-Jennylyn’s The Prenup, and a lot more titles coming each month.

Hooq also showcases the best of independent cinema by featuring critically-acclaimed titles like On The Job, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Metro Manila, Zombadings and 1st Ko Si 3rd. But it also made sure to stock up on TV primetime classics and current favorites such as Imortal,, Encantadia, Walang Hanggan, Magkaribal, Mulawin, and My Husband’s Lover.

But things are just getting started. Hooq, together with producers Globe Telecom and Reality Entertainment, is about to bring to its 700,000 subscribers On The Job: The Missing 8, the first original series in an Asian on-demand platform based on Erik Matti’s cult film of the same title.

On The Job: The Missing 8 tackles the world of media: what’s good, bad, scary, and fulfilling about it. How the news are created or changed, who has the louder voice, or how it can be distorted in favor of a lot of things. It is timely, in view of recent happenings involving men and women in the news. This mini-series is not about the truth but what each of you believes in,” revealed director Matti, at the end of the press confab.

You can access Hooq in two ways: Via the app on your mobile or tablet. It can be found on the App Store (for iOS users) and Google Play Store (for Android users) or through the browser (http://hooq.tv) via PC or Mac OS. PC users can browse through the website through Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox while Mac users can browse using Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Take note that all non-Chrome browsers need to install Microsoft Silverlight (for free) before being able to access the website and play content.

“What used to be a gaping hole on original Philippine content is now being filled with the likes of OTJ: The Missing 8. We are now starting the journey on building sustainable local content,” stated Dan Horan, Globe’s senior adviser for consumer business.

With Hooq, you can enjoy unlimited entertainment on up to five (5) devices with a single account, and two devices can stream simultaneously! That means no more bargaining for the remote. Now, mom and dad can catch up on their dramas while the kids can watch their superhero movies at the same time! Moreover, Hooq is also Chromecast compatible, so you can cast from your computer, tablet, or smartphone straight to your TV sets.

Hooq gives you the option to download up to five (5) titles for offline streaming, available on your device for 72 hours. This is perfect for users who want to keep a set of titles readily accessible for when Wi-Fi networks might be unavailable, they don’t want to incur additional data costs, or simply because you love watching Harry Potter over and over again. Keep note that this is also handy for parents, who can store some of their kids’ fave titles in their mobile devices.

“Filipinos love local content. And with Hooq’s on-demand videos, viewers can browse through and view rich content in different genres. OTJ: The Missing 8 is a co-funded project where all parties share in the cost of production,” shared Jil Bausa Go, Globe’s VP for Content.

“Coming up with a locally-made mini-series struck all the right notes for stories not yet told. It sets the stage for future Filipino content formats,” concurred Hooq’s chief content officer Khrisnan Rajagopalan.

Hooq offers amazing value for your peso with its monthly subscription packages. For as low as Php149, you have access to the largest selection of content among all similar services, with the option of streaming over Wi-Fi as well as downloading content for offline use. There’s no need to resort to illegal torrents and piracy – why wait that long when you can stream it right away? Plus, with a single account, everyone in your family has access to Hooq so there’s no need to haggle over control of the remote.

Happy viewing folks!


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