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Cooking school fusion
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

The Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila continues to break grounds in the culinary landscape of the country. As a foremost culinary educational institution, CCA Manila brings the best of the world to its students and to Filipinos who are interested in culinary arts.
Last July, CCA Manila partnered with the Northen Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) thru their program chair Vinod Varshney. Thus, the Philippine Canadian Culinary Student Exchange Program was born. With this, five students from CCA Manila went to NAIT and undergone a one-month on-the-job training.
Thereafter, six students from NAIT were in the Philippines to do their on-the-job training at the Manila Hotel. “We expose our students to the best of the world since CCA Manila is the top culinary educational institution in the archipelago. This partnership with NAIT allowed our students to go to Canada to learn on a global perspective. Chef Vinod has arranged and invited 5 of our culinary students to do apprenticeship training at various hotels in Canada for a period of one month last year and it has yielded an enriching experience for our students. Now, it is our turn to host these students from NAIT and impart to them the best of Filipino hospitality and discipline. They will surely learn a lot from their experience here,” said Dr. Veritas Luna, managing director of CCA Manila.
The arrival of the six students from NAIT also brings to the country multi-award winning Chef Vinod Varshney. He is the program chairperson at NAIT's School of Hospitality, and manager of the very successful Culinary Team NAIT. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Chef Vinod's interests in the food and industry led him to join the Institute of Hotel Management. This began an accomplished career with stops that included apprenticing with Oberoi Inter-Continental Hotel in New Delhi; working as Commis Patissier with Movenpick Restaurants Stuttgart in Germany; working as pastry chef at the Constellation Hotel in Toronto, followed by the Four Seasons Sheraton, and more.
“We` are honored to host Chef Vinod in the Philippines. His more than two decades of experience as a culinary instructor will inspire not only the students but will further motivate our faculty. He has also coached and managed culinary teams to an impressive array of national and international awards – encouraging CCA Manila students to aim for the gold when they join culinary competitions here and abroad,” added Dr. Luna.
Some of the culinary competitions where Chef Vinod stood as coach and won the gold includes the World Culinary Cup in Luxembourtg, 1994/1998; World Culinary Olympics in Berlin, 1996; World Champions in Glasgow, 1997/2001; 3 golds in Calgary, 1999; 2 golds in Lethbridge and 3 golds in Edmonton, 2000; Grand Gold in Erfurt, Germany, 2000/2008; to name a few. He left the field of Biochemistry to become a chef. He spent two years in Germany before returning back to his homeland. He was born, raised and apprenticed in Canada.
“The culinary profession is one career that you need not re-train. The language of cooking is universal. That's how I survived from Germany to Canada,” shared the multi-award chef.
The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada, a tertiary-level vocational school, has 13,000 full-time students of which 500 belong to the School of Hospitality.
“Chef Vinod is one of the most successful culinary instructors in the world, and under his supervison, student chefs have garnered almost all the top prizes in culinary competitions from all over the globe. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for CCA Manila students to learn from the world's best',” Dr. Luna enthused.
To know more about CCA Manila's student exchange program, simply email and/or call tel nos. 994-2520/30/40. You may also browse their Web site


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