CQ World of Wellness

Stepping into natural goodness
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Cory Quirino, the beauty and wellness guru of the country, opened her latest venture, World of Wellness, at the newly refurbished City Center of SM North Edsa. Focused on well-being as the foundation of beauty, including mind, body and spirit, the chain provides products of which eighty percent are brands sourced locally and use the best of Filipino ingredients. “This is only the beginning of my presence in the health, beauty and wellness industry,” enthused Cory.
Together with business partner Mae Velilla, she envisions a steady expansion nationwide in order to fulfill her personal advocacy and the company's passion to make wellness and well-being products available and affordable to all. Her virgin coconut oil formulations are now carried by the UNO direct-selling network.
Cory has been a strong advocate of natural health and disease prevention, espousing the wellness lifestyle (i.e., nutritious diet, exercise, and stress management) as the guarantee towards individual, and ultimately as a collective people, overall national health.
“Wellness is a way of life. And if we want a healthy country, we, as citizens, must begin with ourselves, she pointed out. This explains the presence of food supplements like Moringa (malunggay), Ampalaya (bitter gourd) and Aloe vera (Sabela) in its wide range of products.
The Cory Quirino World of Wellness (CQWOW) has caught the attention, and won the approval, of CITEM under the Department of Trade and Industry, by bestowing unto the entity, after passing its strict standards, the distinction as exhibitor in Japan. As such, CQWOW has been selected by the organizers of the Asean Health and Wellness Trade Missions to represent the Philippines in Tokyo. “CQWOW is the realization of my dream to make health, beauty and wellness affordable and available to all who wish to live longer and look better.”
Her store offers formulations personally chosen by Cory herself, that have all met her personal standards of excellence, and embody her advocacy to 'Celebrate Life the Natural Way'. Carrying over 200 product lines from Europe, USA, the Philippines and the rest of Asia, the shelves showcase specialized sections as Beyond Beauty: face and body all-natural care treatments; Forever Young: anti-aging and skin care regimen; Hand-made Chemical-free: VCO body & bath soaps; Coco Corner: sweet chips, coco honey, sugar and coco flour; Healthy Heart snacks; Weight Management; Detox & Cleansing; and Health Boosters.
Of great interest are herbal preparations offering potions for healthy leaving, manufactured in cooperation with the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) under the Department of Health.
Cory envisions CQWOW as a storehouse and sanctuary for Philippine-made products with a majority of the inventory locally-sourced and manufactured; bringing her one step closer to raising the Filipino flag locally, and eventually globally, championong all Filipino health, beauty and wellness products.
In line with the store's commitment towards healthy lifestyle choices, CQWOW offers personalized lifestyle counselling with Cory herself together with other wellness experts free of charge during weekends.
For more information, simply call their hot-line 413-6570 and/or visit the Web site www.cqwow.com.


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