Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion

A way out from hair loss
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Excessive hair loss is common to both men and women and is viewed as part of aging. Often, men feel less attractive and less masculine when turning bald. Women, on the other hand, find it socially disturbing to have thin hair and/or bald patches in the very same area that was once referred to as their 'crowning glory'.
The hair goes through a cycle that lasts for about 2 to 6 years. Each strand grows about a centimeter per month. Under normal conditions, 90 percent of the hair in our scalp is in the growth phase and the remaining 10 percent is in the resting phase. The latter type will fall out after 2 to 3 months and new hair shafts will start to grow in its place. It is normal to shed 50 to 150 strands each day as part of the hair growth cycle. Beyond this number is considered abnormal.
“Everybody will go through a phase of patent hair loss wherein hair roots become smaller through age. Progressively, hair thins out if we don't do something now. It goes on and on 'til we turn bald. As an expert advice, it is always better to use conditioners to protect our hair shaft. Diet should be balanced for root nutrition and hair treatments should always be done six months apart,” encouraged Dr. Rica Mallari, a dermatologist at St. Luke's Medical Center, specializing in hair and scalp problems.
Factors such as hereditary disorders, illnesses, major surgery, hormonal problems, child birth & delivery, medications, infections, stress, air pollutants, and too much exposure to sunlight may cause excessive hair loss.
Treatment will depend on the type of hair loss but keeping the hair and scalp clean is important in preventing the onset of hair fall. If you are taking medicines that cause hair loss, ask your doctor to prescribe a different medication. Also, treating an infection or any fungal scalp condition may help prevent hair loss. You may also use shampoo or scalp lotion that provides nourishment to the scalp, stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth.
Unto this grim picture is introduced the treatment product Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion that contains a combination of natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients which are proven effective and used for centuries to cure hair problems. The product is composed of various growth stimulants, with blood circulation enhancers like Centella Asiatica, Zingiber officinale, Aloe barbadensis, Moringa oleifera, Panax ginseng, biotin, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass and virgin coconut oil (VCO). The formulation penetrates deep to rejuvenate, nourish and maintain moisture in the scalp and hair.
By improving blood circulation in the scalp, Novuhair stimulates hair growth while preventing further hair fall as well as improve the over-all appearance of hair. Aside from preventing hair fall and stimulating growth, Novuhair provides nourishment to the scalp, thus eliminating dandruff and alleviating scalp itchiness. It also has cleansing properties and becomes an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory solution all-in-one. Moreover, users observe that it also prevents premature graying of the hair as well.
“We introduced Novuhair to the local market last year and we got very positive feedback from our users. We are proud to say that it is the only product available in the country today that successfully solves hair loss. It was developed to address one of the biggest problems of aging people. It is formulated using German technology and employing natural ingredients within the country. It is proudly a Filipino-made product out to conquer the global market. Our thousands of users will attest to its efficacy,” intoned Mae Velilla, president and CEO of Nutramedica, product developer and exclusive distributor of Novuhair.
As a treatment companion, the Novuhair Herbal Shampoo is also made from all-natural ingredients. This was developed to complement the topical scalp lotion. “By using both products, users won't have to worry about damages that might be caused by chemical-based shampoos and conditioners. In a week's time, users may already notice a decrease in hair fall. Hair growth becomes evident with continuous use of the product. The visible results will be seen around 1 to 2 months from initial use, depending on the frequency,” continued Velilla.
As a caution though, Novuhair is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women, children below 13 years old, and people who have adverse reactions to any of its components. Also, to avoid any substance reactions, a person with chemically-treated hair needs to stop using similar products for at least a month before he can use Novuhair.
“Likewise, a person should stop using another hair growth solution for a month before he can start using Novuhair. It is further advised to avoid using hair sprays, gel, wax or mousse. It is also highly recommended to use herbal-based shampoos. Using other hair loss solutions might cause chemical reactions on the scalp and hair,” she added.
Nutramedica, the manufacturer of Novuhair, was established in 2004 and has, since, been figuring prominently in the manufacture of well-known nutra-ceuticals and bio-cosmetic products in the country.
Novuhair is currently being exported to Hong Kong and the USA. “We will soon export the product to Filipino communities in Europe, Singapore and the Middle East. We have been getting numerous requests to distribute Novuhair to other countries. Lastly, it is true that stress does cause hair fall. People who suffer from emotional and/or physical stress may experience sudden hair loss. Try relieving stress by exercising regularly, having the right diet and getting enough sleep,” shared Velilla.
For more information, simply visit or call the hot-lines 413-6570 and 0922-8830575. The Novuhair Duo packs are available in all Cory Quirino World of Wellness stores (Sct. Delgado in QC, SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, Virra Mall, and Puregold Libertad), all Mercury Drug outlets nationwide and through Regalo for on-line orders.


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