Red Letter Day

Avida’s massive thanksgiving campaign
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

In extending our gratitude, it’s best that we do it in a big way: all-out and no holding back. To illustrate this point, Avida Land Corp. launched “Red Letter Day,” a thanksgiving campaign that seeks to foster the spirit of gratefulness amongst Filipinos.
“This initiative brings back the value of gratitude to our daily lives. The idea evolved through the reactions and feedback in our department on how to thank our valued customers, until the concept took shape and met its fruition. We also went on a digital campaign and created a viral thing because that’s just how you speeded things up these days. You simply like our Facebook account and there’s an app there where shout-outs can be shared. Our aim is to build a community of thankful Filipinos,” enthused marketing officer Andrea Tan.
“Red Letter Day is our yearly campaign in celebrating the special moments in our lives. It is also an opportunity to say what you’re thankful for each day,” she added.
As campaign organizer, Avida took the lead by expressing its thanks to the hardworking Filipinos who entrusted to the premier developer their dreams of providing a quality living experience for their loved ones. The company showed its gratitude by holding a series of “Red Letter Day” (RLD) events in the month of Love that had fun activities and prizes in store for participants.
“The average Filipino has a lot to be thankful for. Despite our difficulties, we have people we can count on for help. We have those who listen to us and who make us happy; people who, in the end, make life worth living. And a simple but sincere thank you gesture is all they need to make them feel appreciated and loved,” declared marketing manager Joyce De Guzman.
Avida’s RLD events acknowledge the sacrifices and valuable contribution of hardworking Pinoys; all of whom make life better for their respective families and society at large. The series of RLD shows rewarded them with moments filled with fun-filled activities, entertainment, prizes and memories to last a lifetime.
The series started with weekend shows at the Greenbelt 3 Park and the Trinoma Activity Center. While Valentine’s Day was truly a red-letter day as an OPM concert unfolded at the Bonifacio High Street featuring stints from Jim Paredes, Faith Cuneta and True Faith among others. Prior shows had acts from Kiss Jane, Sheng Belmonte, Myrus, Princess Velasco, Mcoy Fundales, Barbie Almalbis, Tanya Markova, Arnee Hidalgo, Letter Day Story and rock legend Pepe Smith.
Those who wish to join in the RLD campaign may register at Avida’s Facebook fan page (, so they can get their unique registration code. This code serves as their ‘ticket’ to all the forthcoming RLD events throughout the year.
To broaden the reach of the campaign, Avida is also tapping social networks and launching its Digital Thanks software application. “Our campaign aims to spread the spirit of gratitude to as many people as possible, so that they will get into the habit of saying ‘thank you’ all the time. Going on-line was the best way to do this,” explained De Guzman.
The Digital Thanks app allows users to create personalized messages of thanks to their loved ones. These messages will then be posted on a special ‘Wall of Thanks’ in Avida’s Facebook fan page as well as on both the walls of sender and recipient.
Check out the fan page to learn more about Avida’s special thanksgiving celebration and create heartfelt thank you messages for those closest to your heart.


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