Traders Hotel Manila's CSR Projects

Of carbon footprints and corporate consciousness
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Traders Hotel Manila (THM) promotes environmental consciousness through its many CSR-driven efforts which follows the Shangri-La Group's corporate social responsibility credo of sustainability, with people at its backbone, and implemented through stakeholder relations, employees welfare, health & safety, supply chain policies and, most importantly, environmental nurture and care that includes, among many other activities, the coastal clean-up every September to make home for over 80 species of migratory birds that flock to the Manila Bay coastlines every year. THM joins this green project of the DENR annually.
The campaign for environmental protection and conservation falls in line with Traders Hotel Manila's strong commitment in mitigating the impact of climate change through sound, resource-managed practices. And with Earth Hour celebrated by month's end, THM's continuous support for Mother Nature's ailing environs breathes new hope for a better tomorrow.
“We are one with all other organizers in their respective advocacies to protect Mother Nature. The main reason why Traders Hotel has been very supportive of this campaign, may it be the local or international initiative, is that we share the same sentiment towards environmental protection and conservation,” declared training manager Mike Mangilit during an exclusive interview.
For starters, Traders Hotel Manila has long instilled an energy conservation program and is one of the very few establishments in the country that has been powered by renewable energy. The hotel's water-heating system has been powered by solar panels, curbing its overall carbon emission, while reducing energy consumption of 111,000 kilowatts a year, as early as 1995.
“Our involvement in the global campaign speaks of the good things we do through our corporate social responsibility (CSR), and one of the reasons for this is our environmental concern. Full commitment is the extent of our stand in our environmental issues. As to the recycling of our non-biodegradable trash, we first segregate them apart before entrusting it to recycling companies who collect the same on a daily basis. Organic food leftovers, on the other hand, is given out to farmers everyday to feed their livestock. Whatever we can do to help, we do; from buying products for hotel use to the changing of equipment. Employees and guests well-being are also at the very core of our policies so in the end we fulfill our CSR initiatives together with them,” shared the amiable crusader.
Shangri-La's on-going commitment to the protection of the environment is central to all hotel activities. Environment specialists in all its hotels and resorts are aware of the 'Shangri-La Care for the Environment' program which lays out more specific guidelines in managing, measuring and monitoring energy reduction, ozone depleting chemicals, water management, indoor air quality and waste management. CSR committees are further tasked to do specific actions geared in areas concerning energy management, conservation and biodiversity. The Shangri-La Group issued a press statement that they don't serve shark's fin anymore in all its outlets. And in support of the reforestation program of the government, the Traders Hotel Manila CSR team, headed by GM Gordon Aeria, together with selected employees planted 1,600 seedlings in three planting sites along the hillside of Ipo Dam in Norzagaray, Bulacan.
Hong Kong-based Shangri-La hotels and resorts currently owns and/or manages 62 hotels under the Shangri-La and Traders brands with a room inventory of over 28,000. The latter brand was designed to satisfy the needs of the fast growing mid-market travel segment by offering a wide range of facilities and efficient, practical and friendly hospitality.
“We have a centralized exhaust system to refresh the air in the rooms. Also, we regularly clean the filters of our air-conditioning units. As for our trash, we have wet and dry garbage disposal systems in place. The hotel refurbished the public school in our immediate barangay through the EMBRACE program, our stakeholder's project wherein we adopt a community as part of outreach efforts. 200 families from Brgy. Maytubig in Pasay City benefit from this program. We redid the entire school building aside from providing TV and DVD units as added visual, educational materials for the kids. We prepare them for regular schooling. THM employees also read to the kids voluntarily during their spare time. Together with private health organizations, we undergo our annual dental/medical mission for the entire barangay regularly. By Christmas, the Santa project for our adopted barangay is on the top of our list,” enthused Mike.
“We've pinpointed the root cause of their problem and it is education and the lack thereof. EMBRACE is funded through the hotel's allocation and complemented by the employees fund-raising activities. We also undergo skills training for the out-of-school youth, through TESDA, for them to get work or some means of livelihood. The deserving few get scholarships to college.
“Institutional learning through modules in culinary skills, F & B service, housekeeping, as well as food service are given to our graduate scholars who then undergo an on-the-job training. As part of our vendors assurance program, we see to it that our suppliers always practice sanitary measures especially in conditions of work. And so we know our carbon footprint as part of Earth Check, we weigh our garbage daily. We also take to heart special events like Earth Hour (Mar 31), Earth Day (April 8) and No Tobacco Day (May 30),” Mike enthused.
Traders Hotels are located in Beijing, Changzhou, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Shenyang, Singapore, Yangon and Manila, with scheduled openings in Bangalore and Macau. The Shang Group has over 40 projects under development in Europe (Austria, France, United Kingdom), North America (Canada and the United States), Asia (mainland China, India, Macau, Thailand), Africa (Maldives, Seychelles) and the Middle East (Qatar and the United Arab Emirates).
For more information, simply contact the THM trunk-line through 523-7011. You may also send an email to or access its Web site


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