360 Pro

Functional fitness training
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Whether as an individual or as a team, professional or recreational, the 360 Pro gym's 5-Pillar program will let trainees reach their peak and help them achieve more milestones in their chosen sport and in life.
"360 Pro creates training programs tailored for athletes but made available for general consumption. The routines result in improved functions and never for aesthetics alone. It goes beyond simple weight loss.
"The gym's spacious facility can accommodate an entire team; whether they be swimmers, tri-athletes, marathoners, rugby players, cagers, or from any sport. The foundation of any sport is similar and laying the proper foundation ensures that athletes avoid injuries," enthused head coach Chappy Callanta.
The beginning zone, or the promote pillar, allows mobility of the joints, activation, or waking up the muscles that were asleep prior to walking into a gym program. Thereafter, body heat raises its temperature so trainees are primed for the workout ahead. This is also where core strength and stability is enhanced via anti-rotation and anti-extension training that is needed to protect the spine.
"Before starting the zone routines, trainees undergo prior consultations with us to assess their fitness level and flexibility. We evaluate every aspect such as testing mental skills among others," he added.
Next to it, the propel pillar is the zone that develops athletic power. This is where barbell, plyometric and medicine ball exercises help increse explosiveness that is essential in almost all fields of sports.
"For professional athletes, performance matters so they only want to work with people who know how to keep them in tip-top shape. Our approach is science-based, and not a hit-and-miss thing, so trainees really get better.
"There are no machines here as against ordinary gyms. Herein, it's your body that's the machine so you need to work it out to get the shape you need. Our floor area is bigger as it was designed to handle teams where they can work out as a group. The health club has 20 stations while the 360 Pro has five, albeit with more intensive routines.
"Forty five minutes to an hour is the duration of going through the five pillars or zones. And the ideal frequency to hit the gym is thrice weekly. Also, the good thing about 360 Pro is that it is a home-grown brand, not an international franchise like Gold's," shared coach Mia Besa.
The protect pillar exercises, on the other hand, not only makes one stronger pound per pound, but will more importantly shield the body from injuries. This is done with kettle bells, dumb bells, medicine balls, and body weight routines that are designed to promote functional strength.
"How you ingest food and what types you eat is half the battle. The zones/pillars promote joint flexibility and core strength through consistent warm ups. Our trainees are mostly athletes and those undergoing one-on-one training for weight loss. Most athletes don't know about their body issues so we fix them before they go through with their training," expounded Coach Callanta.

The prolong pillar, meanwhile, is geared towards increasing the body's energy system capabilities so as to take on more work at a higher level and for a longer period of time. This zone makes use of sleds, resistance bands for running, and agility courses to test one's athleticism and help gain momentum for the game ahead.
Then finally, the progress pillar is the cool down phase where recovery begins and each trainee goes on to the next level.
Sports science and certified coaches from the best schools, notably of UP's College of Human Kinetics, incorporate all the five zones into every workout routine to ensure that all aspects of fitness performance are covered; making the system unique. Coaches will design a program customized to the specific training needs and goals of an athlete and/or team.
Aside from fitness training, 360 Pro will also be offering nutrition programs as well as sports counselling and special population programs in the coming months.
The 360 Pro gym is located at the 2nd level of the Sparta Complex along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. The 360 Fitness Club have branches in Alabang, the Fort, Makati, Timog and Ortigas. To schedule your trial and/or consultation, simply call mobile no. 0917-6575202. For more information, visit their Web site, www.completethecircuit.com/360pro.


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