Levi's Lot 700

Women's new denim collection for Fall 2015
By Demi Braque

Lot 700, named after Levi's first pair of women's jeans, is the brand's signature fits that are the ultimate look-amazing styles designed to flatter, hold and lift all day, every day. Cuts from this range include the 710 Super Skinny, 711 Skinny, 712 Slim, 714 Straight, 715 Bootcut, and 721High Rise Skinny.

Designed specifically for the Asian woman, the label took its favorite jeans and crafted them with a slimmer waist, flattering pant legs, and contoured seat for a little lift; giving each damsel the perfect fit for their respective shape and style.

In line with the launching of its Fall 2015 global campaign, Levi's enlisted global artist, multi-Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, producer and activist Alicia Keys to lend her one-of-a-kind voice and style to the brand for the debut of an all new transformational women's denim collection. The Levi's brand will not only showcase Keys unique personal style and individuality but will also feature her powerful voice with '28,000 Days,' an exclusive song as the soundtrack of the campaign.
"When you are authentically yourself, you are so gorgeous and powerful. I've come to the realization that I'm just a jeans girl at heart. I feel the most confident, comfortble, sexy and strong in them. Levi's is for every woman as there is something for everyone; much like music. Levi's brings people together from all walks of life and culture," declared the songstress most remembered for essaying the global 'this girl is on fire' wonder.

For more than eight decades, the brand has obsessed over women's denim. As the brand that invented the original blue jean in 1873 with the iconic 501, it then created the first-ever blue jean for women in 1934; revolutionizing women's fashion in the years to come. Every season since, the brand has taken note of its own history, what's happening around, and then figured out a way to make great even better.
"We've been in the jeans business for the past 162 years. Design and detailing is based on deep-rooted insights that's built into our R & D. 501 is the most recognized number after 007. Our Levis Museum in San Francisco has acquired the oldest pair of jeans that initial carbon dating tests show to be over a century old.

"The Philippines is the first market in Southeast Asia where we launch this collection. And why Manila, because we are committed to this growing market and we're gonna showcase this to other territories in the region. We launch products when they're right; like when its for the coming season(s). Innovations are built into our DNA; like the 600 body types we considered in creating this new collection. Levi's invented the denim and its rivets. Today, we also pioneer the fabric-leading technology which consumers benefit with its perfect fit designs. The Curve ID too plays a role in shaping the skinny, slim or high-rise cuts," apprized ASEA marketing director Nicolas Versloot.

The Levi's global design team identified the key fits and styles that women want, obsessively working to optimize the latest fabric innovations and slimming technologies, creating the perfect fitting jean for each body type. Such innovations include the most advanced stretch and recovery, signature authentic details and world-class finishing. The latest addition to its ever-growing denim collection is inspired by the idea that behind every woman is a great pair of jeans.

"We offer different in-seams and leg lengths for the Southeast Asian market. Women consumers can buy the entire range of cuts and try each fit on different days and with different moods. Women adopt certain attitudes when they wear certain cuts.

"Levi's is a catalyst for category growth and we are imitated and copied more often than not, so we defend that. We reinvent new mind states, offer seasonal looks constantly, and keep the brand relevant through our various campaigns.

"How you live your life is part of your existence. So you don't throw away a pair of jeans because they don't fit you anymore. You keep them because you've lived part of your life in it," continued Versloot.

And celebrating every woman's greatness and achievement through the years in various fields of endeavor, the brand flew in Asian superstar Vaness Wu to give an unforgettable performance; which is Levi's way of thanking all the Levi's female style seeker fans for patronizing the label all through this time. "It's amazing to be back. I've been wanting to come back to the Philippines ever since our Meteor Garden trip to Manila in 2004. I dread performing here 'coz there are so many talented singers in this country.

"I like different types of styles. Though I gravitate towards the buggy types because it's easy to dance with them. I've been to the Levi's House in Hollywood and have seen most of their design collaborations," shared the juror of Asia's Got Talent. He hinted at the search's second season in the offing.

When asked what his most memorable experience in the country was, the former Meteor Garden cast member ruminated for several seconds before chiding, "I don't wanna say anything that might get me deported." Coincidentally, an African-American artist is currently in the country and has been precluded from leaving before he could answer the breach of contract charges the files against him.

The Levi's brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since their invention by Levi Strauss and Co. in 1873, Levi's jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing line in the world; capturing the imagination and loyalty of peoples for generations now.
"Alicia Keys is somebody with a great personality, is famous, stands for worthy causes, is independent, possesses the right attitude and is the perfect role model for women who are empowered. She'll greatly help in pushing this global campaign. And for this launch, we invited Vaness Wu because he appeals to our target audience. The 500 series is for guys and the 700 series are for women," enthused Versloot, moments before the runway showed a curvaceous Kevin Balot wearing a super skinny pair and working the catwalk with effortless ease.

Today, the Levi's brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Its range of leading jeans wear and accessories in more than 110 countries allows individuals aound the globe to express their personal style. For more information about the brand, its products and stores, simply visit the company Web site, www.levi.com.


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