Say 'I Do' in style
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Planning one's dream wedding can turn to fiasco if not thoroughly thought-of and dissected to the last detail months before exchanging marital vows. After all, 21st century weddings are no longer just confined to the walls of a church, a local executive's chamber or a judge's sala. Nor are the couples of the opposite sex; some come from the same gender.
While purists would endure the lengthy church matrimony rites, some may opt for fluvial ceremonies, or a garden vow, or maybe sky dive their way down to a gawking priest, bewildered imam or dumbfounded officiating officer. The information highway, with its plethora of choices, has opened a Pandora's box where anything and everything is possible.
"We don't have much of June brides because of the monsoon. We have lots of weddings in the summer months of April and May as well as the holiday months of December and January.
"Wedding couples usually use the entire location to make it a very private occasion, like what happened in Cheska Litton's wedding. Most employ our F&B services while some simply rely on their wedding planners," shared resort manager Ruben Alcoriza.
There's nothing like a perfect honeymoon to totally erase the accumulated stress and unwanted fatigue that any bride might have endured while planning her wedding. One such venue, that's so close to Mother Nature, is the Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa in Bohol's Panglao Island.
Surrounded by verdant trees, open skies and the iridescent seascape, it's the perfect place to celebrate one's dream matrimony. The resort guarantees exclusivity with only fifteen villas, and the tranquility that honeymooners deserve. The entire 16-hectare property evokes a modern-day Eden with a rustic charm that's truly awe-inspiring.
"Eskaya opened in 2009. Except for three villas, all have indoor pools. Guests can choose if their villa has a garden view (balai 1 and 2), sea view (balai 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14), creek view (balai 6, 7 and 8), or infinity pool view (balai 4, 5 and 15)," he continued.
Right after alighting out of the resort's vehicle that will pick and take you from then back to the airport, sweet smiles and happy faces will greet the honeymooners and their retinue.
Sure to win you over are the villas or 'balais' in the local dialect, most of which have its own private pools right next to your boudoir. Made of indigenous materials reminiscent of the bahay kubo, the not-so-little grass shacks utilize bamboo, cogon grass, wood, nipa and rattan. The architectural details and interior design of the balais will remind guests of the old houses that were popular in the country during the Spanish era.
The interiors evoke the grandeur of the not-so-distant past with its high ceilings, ample spaced nooks, furnishings and furniture like an antique wardrobe, and an open-air Jacuzzi enclosed by mini bamboo thickets. And to ensure utmost comfort, the villas are equipped with modern amenities like a mini bar and air-conditioning systems, but should you wish for a more sedate airing, ceiling fans are also an option.
Beds, whether queen- or king-sized are shrouded with canopy veils: white, gossamer drapes like the mosquito nets of yore.
Staying indoors is not encouraged as the resort has a lot of fun outdoor activities that guests can indulge in. Honeymooners may opt to go snorkeling or scuba diving in nearby Balicasag Island,
go island hopping, play beach volleyball, dolphin watching and/or sunset cruising.
Eskaya also offers guests exclusive day tour packages to visit Bohol's iconic sites like the Loboc River, centuries-old churches, the tarsiers, and the renowned Chocolate Hills.
After a full day of enjoying Bohol's panorama and vista, the couple can relax in the privacy of the resort's Spa facilities, Handuraw, that offers traditional Filipino massage options guaranteed to soothe tired muscles and soles.
"We will be opening a tennis court very soon. More villas will be added soon. There will be a balai with lofts, grand villas for six occupants each and a family villa that can accommodate ten people. Upgrading our facilities remains a constant," Alcoriza concluded.
For more information on their bridal/wedding packages, simply log-on to the company Web site, and/or call tel. nos. 576-3082, 576-3051 and 584-3180.


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