Continuing women's empowerment campaign
By Chin-Chin Chan Chiu

An independent study showed recently that around 70 per cent of Filipinas have sensitive facial skin while 60 per cent have sensitive body skin. There are good skin days and bad skin days. But for 60 per cent of Filipino women, every day is sensitive skin day.
"When the skin's moisture is depleted, the skin will crack. At times, bumps and rashes appear causing redness and itchiness. Physiogel's patented BioMimic technology simulates the body's lipids.
"Acnegenic products show adverse reactions to the product while comodogenic products are those that show reactions after using them for a fortnight to a month. So we need to steer away from these because we need to take good care of our body's largest organ, the skin. Physiogel's formulation has a pH balance of 5.5 so it won't irritate the skin," remarked noted dermatologist Dr. Teresita G. Gabriel.
Sensitive skin can be caused by a number of factors; from climatic harshness and pollutants in the air and water to hormonal changes and stress levels, compounded by the use of cosmetics, these are daily problems that women have to face on top of other concerns.      
"Physiogel is the #1 most prescribed brand in the Philippines. Our stratum corneum is constantly ravaged by the elements all the time. That s where the BioMimic technology comes into play. We first concentrate on the Physiogel main product line and address skin sensitivity issues before re-introducing the AI range," revealed senior product manager Justin Lladoc.
In line with the company's mission of helping people to do more, feel better, and live longer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), makers of the dermatological

recommended label, continues its 'Free In My Skin' campaign that has been seeking to enable women to find the right solutions, empower and mobilize women to transform their skin health, and feel the strength in sensitivity to ultimately free womanhood from the bonds and difficulties of sensitive skin conditions, so they can fully embrace life.
"GSK's skin business demonstrates our goals in helping consumers. In 2014, we started the #freeinmyskin campaign to alleviate the emotional stress that came with dry and sensitive skin as it affects one's self-esteem. Sensitivity should be a source of strength and not the other way around. This is a move towards women empowerment with our social media platforms; igniting consumer conversations.
"Skinographics tell us that one out of every two women of Asian descent suffer from sensitive skin yet most of them don't seek medical advice. The skin health business is quite big and we have a very good response from the Philippine market. Strong doctor recommendations and support have helped Physiogel penetrate the market quite effortlessly. At present, we enjoy 20 to 25 per cent of our target audience," shared incoming general manager for GSK's consumer healthcare Heather Pelier.
Physiogel is the No. 1 most-pescribed brand by dermatologists. It contains the advanced, patented BioMimic technology that works naturally with the skin to repair its natural skin barrier and keep moisture locked in and irritants out. The Physiogel line comes in cleanser, cream and lotion formats for dry, sensitive skin. Its moisturizers are free from preservatives, perfumes and colorants.
"We are launching Physiogel's fresh new look and continue freeing women from the bondage of insecurity. The 'Freedom List Challenge' is a bucket list of what women have to address regarding their skin sensitivity issues. Respondents simply access the online questionnaire to know unto which of the four different personality types they belong to," intoned marketing director Gikki Martija.
To fulfill its vision to help people do more and feell better, GSK is strongly encouraging Filipinas to discover their true selves by taking the new Physiogel freedom list challenge and join the #freeinmyskin movement. Simply log-on to to take the challenge and know more about your distinct personality.
"When compared to other causes I've done in the past, the #freeinmyskin campaign has a personal story aspect so its easier to embrace. It's authentic and tells about what I, and other women, went through.
"Before I used Physiogel, it was a product overload for me. But now I simplified my routine. It's cleanser and cream and took out makeup from the equation. My skin has improved a lot. Now, I use less or no makeup; just a dab of mascara and bare skin. This is something that I can't do as freely before," attested brand ambassador Patti Grandidge.
For more information on the brand's continuing initiative, simply visit their Web site,


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