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Portable music machines
By Earl D.C. Bracamonte

Karaoke label Platinum introduced recently its brand ambassadors Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto in a bid to position the brand as the No. 1 choice of Pinoys everywhere. The makers of high quality and high definition karaoke machines and accessories, Platinum also launched two of its new exciting products, the Major HD10 and the Bravo portable unit.
“Platinum started as karaoke coin machines and has been in this business for the past fifteen years to date. It is loaded with the best features including high fidelity sound and good vocal projection,” declared Gerber Manahan of Team Platinum.
The HD wireless Bravo set boasts of excellent high definition sound, quarterly song updates, multimedia playback, multiple HD video backgrounds to choose from and, initially,  over 6,600 OPM and English songs. The song list becomes extensive and much wider after upgrading the system. It also has a remarkable portability feature as it comes with its own carrying case that can be taken wherever, whenever.
The Major HD10, on the other hand, is not just a karaoke system but a full entertainment package in itself. Equipped with high-end specifications that include a dual core processor, it also has 1-terabyte of hard disk drive storage; creating a reliable and very powerful player. Major is fully-loaded with innovative features that enables users to play, store, edit, as well as copy any media file in the karaoke player when acting as media console at the same time.
“Platinum Karaoke was introduced to the Philippine market around the same time the coin machines filled up the karaoke bars. The good thing about our latest models is that they can also function as media players. The hard disk drives can record what you’re singing or whenever you’re watching a movie or series therein.
“The Bravo is our portable range. Our market comes from the 35 to 45 age bracket as well as the OFWs. We have the most extensive list of OPM songs. By August, we will embark on a massive nationwide campaign. Singing contests in malls and in barangay fiestas greatly help push our product reach. We want Platinum to be in every Pinoy home, here and abroad,” enthused brand manager Junaid Kalam.
Platinum has its own advanced built-in recording studio to program all songs as close to the original. Every high- and mid-level unit is programmed with pre-recorded backup vocals and the patented Training Song tech wherein an automatic function of pre-recorded vocals are played to guide the user on the right pitch and tone to hit as each song plays.
The brand is all about fun and merriment and the chosen ambassadors are the epitome of both qualities. “I am very happy to be chosen as one of the brand ambassadors for a couple of reasons. First, I believe in the product as I personally own one, and actually use it in every fun get-together with family and friends.
“To my amazement, their song list is more updated than karaoke bars. And with sound so superb, even my non-singing friends suddenly sound like pros. Secondly, karaoke singing is very close to what I truly love doing, which are singing and having fun. But more importantly, I am sharing this delightful endorsement deal with someone that is almost a sister to me, my good friend Angeline Quinto,” quipped the host of noontime variety program It’s Showtime.
“Let’s face it, it’s not impossible to be No. 1 if we all work together to achieve it. And because it is my face and/or that of Angeline’s that’s on the boxes of the Platinum products, it is like entering the homes of the brand’s clientele,” Vice added.
Platinum Karaoke offers more than 12,000 songs, high resolution images and video, affordable price point, excellent sound quality, and readily available up-to-date upgrades. “It’s a privilege for me to be chosen as one of the brand ambassadors because even before I joined the industry, I frequented karaoke bars. The first time I tried Platinum, I was not having a hard time picking songs because of their very comprehensive list.
“It’s the sound quality I seek and I get it from Platinum. One of my dreams is to be in an endorsement deal with Ate Vice. It’s always nice to work with people you know because it doesn’t feel like work but fun,” shared Angeline.

Platinum Karaoke is available at all leading music stores nationwide. You can get yours at any of the 60 retail outlets and over a hundred dealers across the archipelago. Or you may shop for the same on Lazada, OLX, CashCash Pinoy and Ensogo. You can also check out the Game Extreme and Gadgets Extreme stores inside all SM and Ayala malls nationwide. For more information, simply visit the company Web site,


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